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  1. Under 200

    you can do abyss dungeon, or buy aura that have exp percent , or exp amulet. or join people farming @ ice map lvl150 and 200. be patience. we old players endure the hardship in leveling up. take note the event on every friday upto monday PHtime for 3x drop 2x exp if not mistaken xD , you can level and make rich loots. and be kind. thank you.
  2. Selling seg/Buying mage Items

    how much for whip?
  3. Bagi / Segu / Seg

    How much for Whip?
  4. WTS>18% CD, 1 ID Juto 2H Axe +10 Clean
  5. WTT>AK +13

    how much for hermes +13 in dk
  6. WTS

    +11 Juto Shield N +11 AK Helion Armor Magic