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    Why you answer so agressive baybe Why they need [GM] for informations just join CORE-DISCORD and i'm always active i will answer all your questions about everything when i'm saying everything i mean it i know everything about dekaron over 7 years.
  2. WTS/WTB !!! :D

    Bump for a bro who have heart of lion.
  3. Keyboard Problem!

    The answer is obviously your keyboard button "u" it dosn't work,its not in game bug or problem.
  4. New form submission has been received. View form {Guard} Application. Name: Suny Email: Suny@outlook.com.gr Form: {Guard} Application Your Name: Suny Email Address: Suny@outlook.com.gr Where are you from? (Country): Born in Romania but live in Greece last 10 years. How old are you?: 19 In-Game Character Name/s?: Suny Can you navigate around the forums well?: Yes. What server are you applying for?: A9 Genesis Can you keep your alt and staff character seperate/secret?: Yes. How long can you be on your staff character per day?: for like 1-2 hours depends on the day and how much free time i got. Can you help players with technical issues?: Yes ,i know solve some basic technical issues. How long have you played on the server in which you're applying to work?: Around 1 year with some time break for 2-3 months. Tell us a little about yourself and why we should choose you to work here?: Well,I'm Alex and i live in a beautiful country Greece ,i have started a cook school,i like to be creative so most of my time goes on creating things,somtimes i success somtimes i don't ,i don't have bad feeling for none that we may have been disagree,i'm very kind person and very friendly,often i like to help people ,its a very nice feeling,that's makes my day happy. I have spent around 6 months by improving my skills and my experiance as a user in Core-Dekaron. I love helping the community and i would like to bring some action by creating the Championship Event with every single detail,and some Special Tournaments and much more special events.
  5. CHAMPIONS , Where are our t-shirts ?

    ye i am.
  6. CHAMPIONS , Where are our t-shirts ?

    @Deilir1c bro chill and go make your own about owner all i have to say its good job keep earing money from donations etc and when times comes to pay something for the community you turn the bac and close your eyes to this. I allready deleted that game @Delir1c i suggest u to do the same since they don't respect the community and they don't care anymore they don't looking to improve this server they look to earn money and you can see at last patches.
  7. [Guide]How To Vote For 5 Alts

    No problem
  8. Change Siege Time for PH players

    What if we make siege every sunday for a9 and a3 Hey wach this out ! 1.First sunday Siege at 9pm Philippines(PH) Time zone (19/11/2017). 2.Second sunday Siege at 9pm Europe(EET) Time zone (26/11/2017). Example: Cats guild win siege at PH timezone. Dogs guild win siege at Europe timezone. So its 1-1 scoore In that case at 3rd sunday Owners of 2 guilds has to fight 1v1 or pt pvp of 7vs7 or last guild stand(3/12/2017). But if Cats win 2-0 no need 3rd round. I'm always with solutions here so <3 If you guys don't understand what i mean i can paint it just let me know.
  9. Change Siege Time for PH players

    Actually im working so -1 for the time zone...
  10. Change Siege Time for PH players

    -1 about the time zone just make the siege every sunday !
  11. Core Dekaron Banner

    Rip that server Paw2win and Unbalance
  12. Suggestion for a3/a9

  13. I want ask something !

    Why the Def can be max and Magic resistance can't be ? Physical user,class get magic damage reduce 4739 lets say 5% Magic user,class get phyysical damage reduce 58849 lets say 95% There is difference in damage 4.739-58.849 actually there is huge defference.... Example i have 32k phyisical damage 58.849 defense or armor will reduce it to 5k but if there is 20k magic damage 4.739 how much damage can reduce i think 5k so the damage remain 15k so high..... There is 2 kind of damage in games actaually Magic damage and Physical the long range damage is actually adc wich mean physical damage but they can attack from long range the reduce damage for them can be defense or armor like dota 2 league of legends etc. it would be balance if also magic damage class would have 4739 defense.
  14. BW resistance Bug

    So it should be 20% by adding max all stats and youre geting only 10% ? that thread is a mess and soon maybe i will have a head pain