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  1. no see Reason for jail people this is game for +17 years old accept pk and try get strong for fight simple
  2. spammer offensive linguage

    look to u no respect for players and tell i am cry i only folow rules and report whats is not right.. u is cry for leave jail is u not me u need get more respect in game if u wanna play free is simple @GM-VULTURE see this
  3. spammer offensive linguage

    camouflage u and Havo are same guy then u talk like this, some one tell me that now now is make sense why u come here cry...
  4. spammer offensive linguage

    camouflage u is brother havo then? if some one offend u mom behing pc u not report is u fault all players she not folow rules need be punish is very simple u come here to said get then free imediatly who is u??? simple player if GM put havo in jail is because have reason to do that stay in u place dont try be more high then GM on this server no one folow orders from u
  5. spammer offensive linguage

    GM rail i invite u for u see convercion about that i send ss to light side send to kyle i post on harrasment and spamer i post and player is playing normaly
  6. https://imgur.com/a/qqVhZ is said when u report and GM is give cheat for u report and dont put jail this noobs core staff fail again no have order in server report or no report is same whit this core staff i not surprise...................