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  1. False Acusation

    Dont worry bro.. In Core a6 server this tool "Cheat Engine" no longer works. Now, none player could say that he was cheated in PvP this is the reason that im waiting for oficial release of A6 core server I will continue beating, maltrating and making these weak suffer more and more and then we'll see what excuse they will use to justify their failures. just calmly wait and enjoy the fun to come. I'm reserving great things for this noobs, Cryers!
  2. False Acusation

    the biggest joke of the century is you to consider the possibility that I'm afraid of going to duel with you. Not yet born any player to make me feel such a feeling who will say someone weak and easy as you.
  3. False Acusation

    Remove tag champion of ur name my friend Segnale with +12 old items and wep take off more shield than you. Op gears in the hands of a trash player is useless
  4. False Acusation

    What problem in Stay face to face with my Bagi in A6? #paperSeg please know ur place ur seg never touched my Shield and 0-12 its a very shame score. #DogDontTalk Have Fun!
  5. False Acusation

    hahaah this #PaperSeg is my pet dog bro crying ever with score 0 - 12 versus my overpowered Bagi! This trash rejoice my days with your tears.
  6. False Acusation

    I can not understand why those garbage players attribute my name to any player who kills them in PvP every time some character appears killing you guys you boys keep saying that it's me So you mean the only one that kills you all is me? I'm tired of suffering false accusations because someone killed you boys and this time you will have to prove what you say because if you do not prove you will be banned if you never read the rules I'm sorry but I read and I know my rights and duties as a player. The Hunter called BruteDmG is my friend and not me. Only to you guys noob get know... I never played with hunter or any other character I'm Bagi have 10 years and I've never did PvP using another class as main class. My friend just killed you and and you are calling me a "HACKER". Now, show ur proof that proves that this hunter BruteDmG is me. I did not even play the game today and the gms are welcome if want to check my IP address or anything else and see if I was using this hunter today to pvp you. Let's stop this bullshit of talking shit every time we are all veteran players and i am no kid. PS: It's funny because I've never seen anyone here in the forum denouncing the Cheat Engine I never saw anyone asking for Gms or to DEV to ban this tool on the contrary I've seen all of you desperate invent lies with fear of Samurai Ban this tool and ruin the duel of you guys. I'm the only one that disturbs the @Head-GM-Waffle and @DEV-Samurai many many times asking to pay special attention to this tool and ban this cheat. I'm the only one who dreams waiting fair duels here in the core and Waffle and Samurai know it. I denounced it a million times and if actually this damn tool dont works in Core A6 server I have my participation even if indirectly. I was part of that besides denouncing millions of times i gave the tips/sugestion on the solution of this problem in Discord talking with ADM Core Master. Then, feels free to prove that who was killing you today some hous ago using BruteDmg is me or you will get ban. http://pt-br.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=28ro77k&s=9#.XIBcXIhKiM8 " 18. False Accusations• Accusing a player of cheating, scamming, or other in the game without proof will result in the following punishment. • Punishment • 1st Offense You'll be warned and asked to show proof. • 2nd Offense 3 days jail (a low level character you create to do this won't be jailed we'll find your main account and jail that one) "
  7. Just log in stay done with ur program recorder and lets go. im here
  8. you and this noob friends that you have that keep losing to me for years
  9. im no fighting for my case i only want rekt ur ass showing my desktop and recording it to show for all ur shame in youtube but sadly no one its able to acept it because you guys only play with c.e sad dog! #PaperSeg keep training baby bcuz you are weak as fck
  10. I will say it again feel free to PvP me recording all ur screen showing desktop and task manager and i will do the same. i dont want talk i want action with desktop on display only it nothing more bye
  12. And also you are welcome to PvP me in any other server if you want only call me and I will be there
  13. You don't want PvP showing ur desktop I only go PvP here in Core dekaron with desktop on display when you get able to do this just pm me. I'm here ready for any PvP with my desktop and task manager on display. Noob wizard. C.e user
  14. yes I too keep waiting...
  15. now you can see what kind of players the server of yours is formed? it's a shame these stupid players offering so much resistance and fleeing from a clean duel. this server is made up of players who dont have the courage to go PvP showing all ur screen and the reason for so much resistance you already know, right? you guys.. Shinji, Natsuu, PaperSeg, xThar, Mortisha, YouTRASHboy are all cheaters and when buy some courage to pvp me recording and showing our desktop I and You all only whisper me As I said before, I'm at your disposal. @Head-GM-Waffle