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  1. Black Wizard 180 lvl skills

    Look for Darin Mate. . . hope this can help you Cheers IGN:Meru
  2. What is going on here, I've try to used my Dshop on my other account buying the same Pet but it's still the same, now I don't know if I can still trust your system, It's been 4days but I don't received any help from you yet. I've been trying to support the team but no one from the staff every care on the player, please check my account. I'm wasting Dshop this is the second time it happen to me. Please check the message on the chat box (green saying the Item ended) here are some screenshot for your reference. Waiting for your reply
  3. Pet (Nat-Purchase Item is missing) Dear Team Yesterday I’ve sent donation for my other account so I can buy stuff from the D shop. I’ve purchase a pet (Nat) but after the transaction the item was not on my Inventory. I have 13,823 D coins in total and now it’s 11,833 less the price of the Pet I purchase. Good thing is I always take a screenshot every time I purchase item on d shop. Please see photo’s for your reference. There is the massage on the chat box saying (Deka Item use time ended {nat}) I hope you can help me solve this problem, Waiting for your reply IGN: Shana Class: Hunter
  4. Dear Team Good day, I was shock to know that after Patch 21.7.3 we can no longer equipped more Aura, I had 3 Aura with my DK and planning to get some more for my other account. It's very sad that this is the price we need to pay just to fix the EXP problem on equipping Aura's. . .I’m keeping my self busy farming to upgrade Aura(s), Wing etc. Now you remove the things that player like me enjoy doing. I understand that there are a lot of thing need to be done to make the server fun and competitive but I think players needs BALANCE and not LIMITATION(s) My suggestion is to let us (the players) equipped more aura and have fun upgrading the items and Character at the same time.. Thank you for your understanding and more power to the team. Best Regards IGN: Meru
  5. Response Time Exceeded

    Thanks for the info bro
  6. Hi Team Can someone help me! what should I do about this ( Response Time Exceeded) or I just have a weak connection . . Cheers
  7. Pet on Dshop

    Hi If you could add the Knight Pet and Eternal Awakening (I forgot the Name-Permanently Awake a Pet) that would be very nice. Waiting for the next Patch Best Regards IGN: Meru
  8. Pet on Dshop

    Dear Team Good day, I hope this is the correct place to post this topic, Just want to know when will be the Pet on D-shop will be available. Ty IGN:Meru
  9. A9 bugs

    Hi Team Dragon Token Exchange Failed (error). Photo Attached For your reference. Best Regards Meru
  10. [Open Beta] Farming Guide

    TY Meru
  11. 170 Skills for DK

    Thank you for your reply well noted.
  12. Hi Team I was wondering where I can find the 170 Skills for DK? all of the other Character are here and available with NPC (Lowe-DKS) but I don't see any skills for DK. Hope you can help me. Best Regards IGN: Meru
  13. Hi Team Good day, Nice to be back! can someone help me I created new Character a Segeuriper but I notice that the Begginers Pakeges is Missing and even the Level 1 weapon. I've try re creating another Segeu on my other account but it's the same. or did I miss something when creating it. Please see Screenshot for your reference. Best Regards Let