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  1. HGM Position

    good answer so far bro ^^
  2. Favourite spotts for chill

    Probably ill gonna post it to Discord
  3. Favourite spotts for chill

    probably this one. One of my favorite spot
  4. Mysterious hacking

    Nice Catch
  5. A letter to HGM and The Owner

    +1 nice explanations
  6. you should prefer a video insteed of screenshot perhaps.
  7. Feeling Sad

    +1 but there's have a lot work to do that for some current active GM's DEV's HGM and Core Master also.
  8. The MaMaWxD

    Haha i wish too man . But for now they dont need additional staff right now if they needed. I'm 100% Ready .
  9. The MaMaWxD

    Awesome This is the first Guild in the History of core making this Keep it up .
  10. IIDKPOWERII jailed for spam

    Nice Catch <3
  11. My suggestion

    Haha so im the youngest GM im going to 21 hahaha so i cam give more time to run the server hahaha but waffle.. haha
  12. My suggestion

    ill already said bout that. anytime ill be ready to comeback i need hes permission so i can make event twice again per day i think playets never bored again if ill rejoin .
  13. My suggestion

    Excatly... Waffle is head of this department. He can only accept new staffs or old staff want to be back.
  14. Hats Off to My Dear People of Core

    I'll hope we work together again thanks for mentoring me on DKsquare event ...
  15. Resignation

    Sure Thanks a lot bro See you ..