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  1. Seriously ???

    To @Head-GM-Waffle Seriously You creating a Thread for Ashe's Issue's but its on Under Investigation ?? You Said you've RECEIVED a Solid Proof that he trying to sell the Acc. Which more Proof you guys want to Know more ??? thats a SOLID why this Acc. Suspended ?? and why Wont Share the Image's of Solid Proof ?? Because of What ?? Everyone has there own Privacy ... he Totally broke the Rule so Be it , Reveal the Truth Behind him. !! Do Your JOB According to Rules of this Game Banned him and all Acc. Link to His IP Some of Player's Complaining against him some of us Sending you Proof that theres an Issue to him and all of that IGNORED ! now You got Solid Proof DO THE RIGHT THING !
  2. No Auto Detect Cheat or Game Guard?

    You Really Insult yourself as STUPID !
  3. ASH Champ Abusing being a Champion

    I Guess you Can .. make the Ice Castle Safety Mode ... so Everyone can farm safety even the Newbies.
  4. Giveaway.

    One of My Idea is to Create an Event like 1v1 Naked Edition to be FUN ... ofc you should use the Challonge Bracket for the List of Participants in Every Rounds ... Up to you if you can give Special Reward for those Winner in every PvP or about to who get in the Top.
  5. The actual problem of A3 server

    Stop Making any Non Sense Topic again regarding the WTFAST , you Guys really dont understand ?? The Server is anti Hack ! WTFAST is not a CE of Engine you talking about it was Apps to Decreased the Ping/Ms of your Game Performance. Some or Most of the Player Use VPN than WTfast Apps you can see the Diff. But the Hell you talking about the C.E or Cheat Engine that can Give "Speed Hack" Its Impossible since the Server is Anti Hack/CE. Btw Comparing the Other Server to Our Server is Not Good at our Future. One Thing If you're not Happy to the Current Server Status Feel Free to Leave and Play Other Server.
  6. What would you change? [Update]

    FOR A3 Server Problem : Events , Most of the Staff Member's do the Same Event as well which is Good for Us But its kinda Bored/Tired Because of non Excitement for the Said Event most of the time Only Max RB w/Good Items can Participate the Event How about the Newbie ?? There's no Consideration for the Newbie and for those New Player's Solution : Try to make a New Event Really Good for all Player Not Only for those Who Completed already, we Look forward for the Future Event's which has Excitement fun and memorable. Problem : VPN which is Relevant to A3 Server ... Most of the time this is the Issues never forgot every player cause of of Giving 100% Advantages to Opponent which has no VPN. This is Illegal and anyone can use it , how about those Player who really want is to Play Normal like an Old A3. Solution : This VPN is Allowed and everyone can use it , It can give 100% advantage to the player vs Opponent , Much better if Fix those Class which has OP Stun/Silent because of VPN , Like for Ex : Bagi - Normal Bagi can KB you and Canceled Single Skill Use'd , w/VPN KB is Insane .. You cant KB but if you check every Single of your Attack = Cancelled ALL. Hunter - Normal Hunter cant make it too much Slow Like 4-5 Sec. w/VPN Now every hunter has VPN is kinda OP as DK stuns/Silence took 9-10 Sec. DK- Normal DK can use 4x Stun and its Simply Avoid it cause of 3-4 sec every Stun, w/VPN DK is More OP with his skill .... some of the skill are too fast and it took 5-10min. Stun/Silence. Better is to Decreased this Class to make it Fair for all Player's.
  7. Better if you Put the Price of Each Items.
  8. For Sale ALOKEN +13

    +13 Normal Legion Helmet 4x 5k HP = 10k SOLD +13 Magic Helion Armor 3x+96 Med 1x 10%Flinch = 20k SOLD +13 Normal Legion Armor 30AMR 10Flinch = 12k +12 DN New Gloves 3%Damage 2line ID = 3k SOLD +13 Normal Helion Pants 4%PR Gems = 18k SOLD +13 DN Hermes 4%Movement Speed Gems 1%AMR 1line Def = 20k SOLD +13 Blist Spear Noble 3x11%cd Gems 5%cd Base 2line ID = 12k +13 Dragon Guard = 7k Moon Wings Alo = 4k SOLD Devil Wings 250 Days = 2k SOLD
  9. WTB

    Need Serpant 6%cd Magic , Maybe.
  10. WTT DK SET +13

    Still Avail ??

    I think He has Good Connection + VPN ... One More Thing, You Just Dont know how to Encounter his Attack , i Watch your Style/Tactics but Seems you slow on using Hunter No Offence.
  12. Staff say that not botting

    @DEV-Samurai @Head-GM-Waffle Must Check this Issue's and make an Action ...
  13. Fresh +13

    Pm me InGame ... IGN : Harry

    i Already Pm you.
  15. +1 to this ... That Guy xixMystiquexix is really Looking for someone who can sell items and he pay Real Money Transaction.