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    HAAHAHAHH your fuuny u know, it calls you cheater, HAHAHAHA what a player are you doing? or u just blind, u must try pvp benjie you check how long his stuns. and u posted it in forums for report? HAHAHAH bro to many fallens using wtfast ( vpn ), your the one kind of ppl cry to lose, If you banned this segu how about fallens using wtfast. he just have a good connections, If you lose accept it dont try to win its hard. OMG!
  2. EvilWing White Effect

    Hi GM l Guard l Dev, Please remove white effect in evil wing, Pretty honest when i used evil wing with white effect i feel ugly. Just suggest, Thanks!
  3. By the way i forgot to tell, his summy name is Liquidicemil. And i think he trying to make another account. and left his segnale, maybe you guys need is to investigated him, all his account. Thanks alots. I really hate those ppl buyed in real money.
  4. This guy is fk funny, He trying to buy my set to real money, what a guy i'd ever seen, He said how much in dk's? And he want to buy my hermes and weaps. and any of minutes, he trying to talk me about that. Me : you wanna buy whole set? Him : Where are you from? Me : Why you say that? Him : If u want lets meet and i buy that in real money Me : No lol Him : Im bulacan area. And after all, he change our topics. I hope do you guys jobs as a GM. Please ban this guy! I hate ppl buying in real money, Please ban xixMystiquexix Thanks! -
  5. Trade 40k dk =

    Trade 40k dk = any sets
  6. WTS VS +13

    If you didn't mind show me you're ak ty
  7. WTS VS +13

    sorry bro! Im new for this forum selling
  8. WTS VS +13

    Juto +13 20%cd , MasterHelmet+13 , Helion Armor & Pants +13, Hermes +13, Glove +12 New dn pm

    Trade segnale
  10. DN Neptune

    Yeah! I feel you bro, We're they same issue when i got those rings in few months ago, I suggest you just used normal neptunes by farming or pvp, 1 to 5%cd neptunes. indeed!
  11. Software ( WTfast) User

    Hi GM's and also Head-GM. Why until now no fix about those issue using software ( wtfast ). You know GM's its unfair. If you guys doing your jobs in true. Im sure more old players will comeback. If you guys want to had more players, Please! do your jobs as a gm's. This issue years ago, Until now no fix about this issue. Just suggestions! - - MissQuancy
  12. Maximus

  13. Maximus

    your name is
  14. WTB /WTS

    I just want to ask you if u had segu mh,pant,boots +13 for sale, if u dont had just ignored this message.