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  1. Can web developer please fix this..?

    This one is not finished yet, that's why in link is beta.
  2. DartKalife Banned no reason

  3. xX2MOON5Xx

    Here we have rule that is for both channels - 16. Debuffing and relogging If you debuff and relog and debuff and we will consider this exploit and abuse of skills, this also includes the pet skill when you are purple and someone kills your pet. ~First offense 24 hours in jail, second offense, one week in jail, thirst offense ban. Something else to say ? I think no, only that he will be jailed for 24 hours.
  4. Hello Corentians, Finally, we have our very own Half Bagi and Dark Wizard for Core. For this we will have our first event. The event mechanics is easy, just level your character (either Dark Wizard/Half Bagi Only) and get it to level 250 and 5RB or maxed First Maxed Half Bagi and Dark Wizard will get: +10 230 Set DN(FS Armor and Helm) no gems yet and stat will be random +10 170 Weapon DN (FS) no gems and stat will be random Costume (winner can choose what costume he/she wants) Then the rest 9 maxed Half Bagi and 9 maxed Dark Wizard will get: +10 230 Set DN(FS Armor and Helm) no gems yet and stat will be random +10 170 Weapon DN (FS) no gems and stat will be random CHECK YOUR RANKING HERE !! http://www.core-games.net/ranking/ Event will end in 7 days time from this patch End date: October 20,2012 (22.00) server time ~Edited for ya : Kael
  5. To GM Kael

  6. Spam & Server bashing

    Jailed already
  7. ch1 again and chars stucked

    Channel 1 will be back soon.
  8. Dogma For 24 hours.
  9. It is rule don't be suprised.
  10. Tojo

    Thanks to CriticalHits for reporting.
  11. Has been jailed for 24 hours. 16:16 Mar 04, 2012 - 16:16 Mar 05, 2012
  12. CH1 and CH2 DOWN

    Channel 1 is back !
  13. CH1 and CH2 DOWN

    We are sorry for crash of both channels, we will fix this as soon as possible.
  14. Gems lost in new client

    gems weren't lost, update your game and gems will be back