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  1. More stash pages please!

    Hi the bank stash extensions feature will be added on A9. ( The Dev has confirmed this..so Kindly wait for some time) Thank you.
  2. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    I am not aware about AK to be very honest but i will check and get back to you. That is one class i have never played after A3/4 unfortunately. however am sure the Dev will take notice of it and fix it soon.
  3. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    People Having problem with Aloken buffs.... Please realise Aloken buffs have a spell probability and active effect. Unlike in A3 when aloken buffs were always ON. In A3 aloken class didnt exist . in A6 the aloken can have 1 Offense 1 Defensive buff + 1 buff of 170/180 lvl... For these Buffs to work u have to Either Hit or get Hit for them to activate they dont stay ON ( in A3 because of client restrictions it was a Always ON buff) Kindly Buff urselves go in Mobs and try them. Offensive buffs activate when u hit and defensive buffs activate when u get hit. Also Some are offensive debuff skills. They wont increase ur stats but debuff enemy when u hit them ( they also classify under offensive buffs so these wont stack u can only have 1 i.e either buff ur self or debuff enemy ) This is how the aloken actually is and Because the A6 client had the aloken release the Aloken Has been fixed in the proper way. Kindly test them like that and report if any problems still exist.
  4. Under 200

    Every Saturday there is an exp event organised by the GM .... u can become 1 -210 in 1 event. Please attend that Unfortunately it was there about 5 hrs before u made the Post so u might have missed it... its Held on every Saturday at the same time. Hope u make it next week. Have fun and if you have any more queries feel free to join our discord channel for faster replies. Thank you.