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  1. bug moon wing

    It can be a Dshop wing(with timer) upgraded to Helion wing(with timer) and then upgraded to Wing of the Moon(with timer). Its possible. Li-3.
  2. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Nuubs :P

    Hoping to see you in game guys Welcome back oldies Li-3
  3. A Message from your Friend

  4. @{Champion}xBeNjIe is a hacker

    Common guys, make yourself a little maturity. " What's hidden can never be found if no one is tryin' " The game is free for all to play. Meaning ALL and OWN strategy to play, makes ALL Impossible things Possible If you truely believe in yourself having advantage to others? You can make a difference. I suggest you play Segu and try to mix some skills with stuns and silences. You playing Segnale, as for you have good silences and sleeps which can be possible to make and then you try to fight again against him. If thats a cheat, hack the suspect will be banned as soon as possible, but if its all about vpn, I tell u ITS LEGAL.
  5. 2v2 PvP Event 110518

    Definitely, for this time its the LAST PvP Event I will be hosting. Just IGNORE points for Round 2 between {Champion}xMortisha-Ahzelove, FORCEFUL-PROTEGE its just to have continuous bracket Winners received: 1st Prize - 500dk each 2nd Prize - 300dk each 3rd Prize - 150dk each Congrats and thanks for participating, also for appreciating. Don't forget to VOTE for Core [GM]Lithium
  6. Halloween Screenshot Event 2018

    Topic is now locked, and entries will be reviewed for declaration of winners. Stay Tuned for more updates. PS: Once results has been released, I request every winners to PM ME in discord or leave private message here ( whenever u will be able to logged in ) to claim your prizes ONLY with your Account Entry or with your character entry. Enjoy and Congrats to all participants [GM]Lithium
  7. Thanks for all who participated and became winners as follows. As reward, winners received 25dk and 25feathers. I also spawned bosses like Agacion, Quetzalcoalt , Duce Marble and lastly with Attack Yogmond for some fun and enjoyment. Let's bring the old fun in game, the more players will be active, it will be my pleasure to serve you. Don't forget to ALWAYS VOTE for CORE. [GM]Lithium
  8. Thank you for all who participated in the event, hope to see you again. I spawned Agacion(Event) and Quetzalcoalt(Event) Winners as follows Don't forget to vote for CORE [GM]Lithium
  9. Halloween Screenshot Event 2018

    Hello Corentians ! Halloween Screenshot Event October 2018 A3 The Answer Server, A9 Line -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you all can see this is Halloween Screenshot Event,So it is all about pumpkins,scary places,ghosts,zombies,skeletons and etc. Be Creative guys and girls and your Screenshot could win in this event ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Info and rules you all must follow in this event : You only allowed to post 1 screenshot (we will check who the accounts belong to) The Screenshot it has to be from Core Dekaron Server Send the Screenshot to this topic including your SERVER (A3 or A9) Use http://imgur.com/ or https://imageshack.com/ to upload the Screenshot When you post the Screenshot please comment your entry ONLY under this post Please do not make unnecessary comments on this topic You are not allowed to edit the Screenshot --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Event starts 31/10/2018 and it will End 4/11/2018 (12:00 midnight server time) If you have any questions about this event feel free to send a pm to [GM]Lithium Core-Staff will decide the winners by voting. We will vote for top 3 best screenshots. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards for A3 Server: 1st place: 1500 Dekaron Coins 2nd place: 1000 Dekaron Coins 3rd place: 500 Dekaron Coins Rewards for A9 Server: 1st place: TBA 2nd place: TBA 3rd place: TBA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GOOD LUCK TO ALL [Core-Staff]
  10. I just turned on EXP and Drop Rates for 2hours since newbies responded me and only few are interested for Treasure Hunt Event. So enjoy 2hours of boosts and NEW bosses = Quetzalcoatl, Agacion (Event), Hatun Kucha, Mapinguari deployed near ICE ( PvP Area ) Don't forget to VOTE for CORE [GM]Lithium
  11. PvP Event 10/21/18

    Congrats to all participants Good game and well played. Winners received: 1st Prize = 600dk 2nd Prize = 400dk 3rd Prize = 200dk; and a random boss. Attack Yogmond Don't forget to always VOTE for CORE GAMES [GM]Lithium
  12. Masters Mistake

    I will forward this to staff chat and wait for further notice of answers. Sure thing Head Dev will be the one to decide whether to have a rollback or not. But basically, what has been bought cannot be refunded. Its because you confirm with your password. Regards, Lithium.
  13. Kill the GM Event 101718

    Thank you for participating and Congrats to all WINNERS ROUND 1: 19BOOM68 ROUND 2: iLOvePK ROUND 3: xPRETORIANx Don't forget to VOTE for CORE-GAMES [GM]Lithium
  14. Boss Event at Loa Castle

    Boss Summoned as follows with the Screenshots. I hope you enjoyed Till next time Don't forget to VOTE for Core [GM]Lithium
  15. 3x exp weekend

    Happy farming, leveling. Enjoy the weekend [GM]Lithium