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    i see the loss, i agree, that server shouldve been up and not just deleted into the trashbin just like that, although donations are money u dont want anymore and is ready to lose someday. this world is an harassment, whereever u go u will be trolled and trololold and it doesnt ever end, if u are happy, someone will come and get u for, even at home. quite amazing they took a backward step in the human decline, must have changed owners or something, someone went crazy and came up with a "brilliant" idea. cant understand myself considering all the mods that server had, all the patching and stuff, "nah lets burn it up and forget it all" yes the sun is very wild and will spontaneously explode and consume this planet, this suncycle will be wilder than ever triggering a chain reaction that will explode the remnants from the past cycle around 6 years ago where there were way less sunspots than the cycle before that in around 2002-2004. i laugh at governments making climate plans for 2050 and 2080, my god, nobody will even know this place existed by then. haha they have all this money, but they dont change the market, they dont move the prices, dont lower them, they JUST SIT ON THE PILE OF FREAKING DOG COINS. smh yes i see that and thats why im looking at yours to steal what you get, that is if u will get something before me
  2. when pressing start on the launcher the error message comes up 4 times, clicking OK 4 times will start the client. when using a segnale and pressing K, client hangs have tried this on my other characters and only segnale seems to have this hang, both of my segnales hanged windows7, using the full client download, not the patched