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  1. Segu skill

  2. Forbidden Spirit

    Is forbidden spirit is gone now?
  3. Hunter skill

    Theres no hunter remove slots in hunter skill
  4. Segu skill

  5. WTS

  6. WTS

    +13 DN Helion Pants For Seguriper 2pr based +13 DN helion pants for concerra 53def based
  7. Segu skill

    There is no bloodspin scythe in segu skill shop
  8. Bagi Warrior +13 Master helm with 4x 5k hp +13 DN helion armor 68def 10flinch & 30 amr +13 Helion magic pants with 2x 2pr +12 DN new gloves 5cd 3line ID +13 Normal Hermes with 2x 2ms +13 DN golden juto gaunt 8cd 116ID 3cr with 4x 7%rhombus Helion wing 115K DKS FIXED Vicious Summoner +13 legion helm normal with 4x 96 medial +13 legion helm normal with 4x 5k hp +13 helion armor magic with 10flinch & 30amr +13 helion pants magic with 2x 2pr +13 legion gloves 4cd 26ID +13 helion boots noble 32ID with 2x 2ms +13 Juto TwinBlade 3cd 199ID with 3x 7% rhombus Helion wing 70K DKS FIXED Dragon Knight +13 Legatus with 4x 5k hp +13 helion helm noble with 4x 123 medial +13 helion armor noble with 10flinch & 30amr +13 helion DN pants with 49def 2x 2pr +13 DN legion gloves 4cd 2%damage 28ID +13 helion boots magic 3def with 2x 2ms +13 Juto noble golden seal force 8cd 88ID with 4x 7% rhombus Wing of the moon 155K DKS FIXED Incar Magician +13 master helm with 33lightning ressist and 11fire ressist +13 helion helm with 4x 96 medial +13 legion armor with 4x 10amr +13 legion DN gloves 7cd 1%damage 31ID +13 helion pants with 2x 5%flinch +13 DN hermes 1amr 35ID with 2x 2movement speed +13 juto wand ruby 168ID 3cr with 3x pyramid Wing of the inferno 80K DKS FIXED Black Wizard +13 legatus with 4x 5k HP +13 helion armor noble 32ID 2%Ice ressist +13 helion pants with 2x pr +12 DN new gloves 5CD 2line IMD +13 DN hermes with 2ms 1ID +13 juto gold orb with 3cd 80ID Wing of the moon 83K DKS FIXED Half Bagi +13 master helm with 4x 5K HP +13 legatus with 4x 96medial +13 legion normal armor with 30amr 10flinch +13 helion pants magic with 2x 2pr +12 new DN gloves 7cd 1%damage 45ID +13 helion boots magic with 2x movement speed +13 DN juto katar 390ID with 44% Fire Damage +13 juto magic falchion 6cd with 44% Fire Damage Wings of the moon and Devil wing 286 days left 127K DKS FIXED
  9. PT PVP

    Sometimes after i send party pvp my opponent is outside of the stadium hope you can fixed it asap
  10. Erigol vs pet

    If i summon erigol in vs, gigantes is the one who will popped out and erigol is not attacking. I hope you can fix it asap
  11. unable to learn dk skill

    Same problem here hope dev or gm can fixed it asap so we can enjoy pvp