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  1. Hi Foremost (:

    Foremost, I'm quiet in my corner and I haven't fought with anyone here in Core Dekaron for a long time and would rather not have to do that but how do you want it so much, come on... I think you're confusing me or maybe you hitted your head hard somewhere that made you forget how you have no chance against me you have enough courage to say what you want and challenge me while I'm offline but in front of me you act like a scared kitten. You were planning do PvP bet versus me talking with a player from my guild so I will only say this once: No one answers on my behalf the next time you want to talk about me or talk of me talk to me directly have a man's posture and not a child's/kid posture as you did. I would be happy to bet if I had DK to offer but as I told you today "I dont farm anything have years.... since I become full" I have no reason to keep farming if my bagi is Full and I dont play using others characters. Bagi is my only character. feel welcome and invited to come PvP with me any day and any time you want. I'll be at your disposal waiting for you. Or keep talking and repeating "pvp bet" "pvp bet" "pvp bet" "pvp bet" like a broken tape player is your way of making excuses to not facing me?????? I think you better train to stop being this weak Bagi that you are instead of talking bullshit about me in my absence. below I'll leave some pictures to show you how pathetic you are byebye have fun! https://ibb.co/HpqW9W1 https://ibb.co/6Zb7Gb7 https://ibb.co/hRx0CWw https://ibb.co/8s8bTK3 https://ibb.co/ngykLXg https://ibb.co/6WJY2X9 https://ibb.co/68mJcBx https://ibb.co/Y75x2L5 https://ibb.co/tXqT3kg https://ibb.co/mTR8tQz https://ibb.co/H78TT44 https://ibb.co/drFqnDv https://ibb.co/4YT0Sx0 https://ibb.co/fDSgbDf https://ibb.co/7CpWKkW https://ibb.co/0GcHQ8g https://ibb.co/642hsL6 https://ibb.co/tDBvdH1 https://ibb.co/9y3871C https://ibb.co/2ZchjVX https://ibb.co/Pc2ywxB
  2. To you Raskoljinikov

    Hide champion is joke of the year. I do not go online every day for two simple reasons: 1. I study, work and give private classes. 2. No one come PvP with me. you boys forced me to create 3 different Bagi so I could keep going PvP versus you guys all this because you boys know that you can not win me and never accept PvP but don't worry I don't using alt's and if one day I hid my identity was only to beat you boys again like the first time just for me to have fun and continue going PvPs. Only with 1 Bagi I have more than 1400 SS of pvp-win only with 1 Bagi xd Well, I can upload it if you want then, you can see if this "10 players" that you said can win me hahahaha but I'm not going to take you seriously you're just an idiot just like your idol (Zyzz) who was also a loser you are more of a frustrated person who probably suffers from bullying and I do not want to do this to you. I do not have personal problems with anyone here I just like to fight in the game. Have fun, Zyzz. Vini vidi vici.
  3. To you Raskoljinikov

    Siren is a defender of the weak and oppressed LOL funny that these players like Raskol love to speak ill of me when I'm offline and I'm not seeing in my absence everyone has the courage to speak what they want but when I place these noobs in their respective places I am still forced to read from STAFF that I'm arrogant ahhahahahahaha In the hierarchy of PvPs I'm at the top I am the tallest wall you guys have ever encountered and I can prove it as many times as necessary or as many times as I want. only will reign another Bagi here if I allow and you are all invited to try stop me. Bye love and peace. hug
  4. To you Raskoljinikov

    feels free to cry, loser. While I play here you boys will never have peace. the life of you boys must be very difficult having me as an enemy hahahahahahaha #TRAGIC
  5. To you Raskoljinikov

    Shame is you play a game for years and remain weak.
  6. To you Raskoljinikov

    Ok sir I need to go. have a nice day!
  7. To you Raskoljinikov

    but is not it part of your job to look at the forum? the post is here but you boys just ignored me. It's just you search and you will find.
  8. To you Raskoljinikov

    Of course. Funny that the fact that I a post a simple photo on the forum both annoy you. Where are you when the players are cursing me in the game or when they are giving my name to any and every other player who wins them. Where are you doing your job when players make false accusations about me? Funny that your "job" is one-sided
  9. To you Raskoljinikov

    I did not disrespect the player, I did not insult him or break some rule. You're only hurting yourself. for a cause that is not yours
  10. To you Raskoljinikov

    I'm free to be as arrogant as I want I have no obligation to be nice/good person with the trash players that wants my bad. I just posted it here in the forum because he called me a liar and as I said a thousand times: I have no need to lie I just like to prove that I speak the truth and even if I made this post just to humiliate him it's not up to you to decide whether I'm being arrogant or not. Ugly is when the someone from Staff takes part in a "fight" between players if he is your friend or not, I do not care. Just like he's free to say whatever he wants about me on the server. I'm free to spank him and post here As many times as I want I'm not breaking any rules. Enjoy!
  11. To you Raskoljinikov

    Shut Up, izi
  12. To you Raskoljinikov

    The next time you want to talk to everyone on the server that you will kill me and I'm weak make sure you at least give me some fun in PvP because this way you make me bored. Good luck next time. Keep training who knows in 5 years you have any chance, DOG. Have Fun, Raskoljinikov. https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/dekaron_2019_04_28_18h_49m_52s_0528-jpg https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/dekaron_2019_04_28_18h_50m_14s_0398-jpg