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  1. Account hijacking a scamming

    thuglife scammer xD
  2. Account hijacking a scamming

    yep that hacker still exist in game and using the scammed items/gears freely
  3. We need your input

    another bug i remember, i dont know if others reported this , this is just a minor bug but its annoying *trade bug- when you send a trade invite to someone and he was afk and did not accept the trade , there is a trade window that will appear and you cant click anything and cancel that window, u will need to re-trade a non afk player just to remove that trade window bug. i hope staffs will fix it. thanks @GM-Korrz
  4. We need your input

    yeah at least on mid week like wednesday or thurs, at least 3-4 hrs is good,
  5. 6 VS 6 RESULTS [ EXTRA ]

    nice videos!
  6. We need your input

    Additional suggestion, -Add rewards on the final pvp stage of Deadfront Hell after the last boss is killed (lvl 250) maybe add chests with DKs, or argates, or feathers or PP/GP so players will enjoy Df @GM-Korrz
  7. bro try to send this to core master at DISCORD because staffs dont check the forums everytime so better on discord so they will see it immediately
  8. We need your input

    hey segu just need to be nerfed whether u like it or not, ofc for you its a big nerf, but if u are on the opposite against segu, would you agree with that just 1 skill ur curse res is all removed? even we use 4x10% amr armor, 4x11% curse res helmet, and +13 pants (it has 21% stat), and even we try to use marblais (15%amr), its more than 100% amr , and with that 1 skill its all removed? even u say its balance , its not. On seige its the main problem coz people only use that gay class segu, your all buffs are useless when segu get near lol, 1 skill and few combos will rip 1m shield and talker will die in 15-30 sec lol , thats not a joke, u are only abusing its op debuff , and now just come up with it, start new strat/build/combos for segus, stop doing that kind of play, debuff-spam skill- and run and wait its cooldown and spam again, only hunters do that kind of strategy lol
  9. Core Dekaron What is it??

    Yea yeah but its simple just record video and report them so they will cry
  10. Core Dekaron What is it??

    Yeah , but it will be nicer if the GP/PP rewards is increased so its worth to play dk sq again.xD
  11. Hahahahh ez life for the scammer
  12. Account hijacking a scamming

    hahah youre right sir they forget to ban his favorite char..
  13. Account hijacking a scamming

    Lol maybe you havent red all what was posted by dev samurai ....
  14. Account hijacking a scamming

    Salute to the DEV, thanks much for your effort, Now we know who the real hacker is, what a shame on that poor guy..
  15. Account hijacking a scamming

    How it came all of those listed banned accounts were dummy ones? @DEV-Samurai Can we request to trace also where the items were traded ? And also who are the main accounts of those who are behind in this. This is really not a joke, only dummy were banned and the main arent...