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    Bro better ask request to gm or dev or game master to return the 2-client maximum that can be open. And at the same time the dshop perhour reward if this things bothers you much lol
  2. Mr Gm Help please

    Ye 1st u should make it to gold fafnir (+4 fafnir) beforr making it into helion
  3. DrLiar5 banned for wallhack

    So u need to go online most of the time so these cheaters will be caught or you might need some guard or new staff to check farming areas to be sure all are killing and farming clean...we really cant be sure when this cheater will farm again..
  4. DrLiar5 banned for wallhack

    No sir , make ban them now, u already saw what theyre doing, they will repeat and repeat it and u cant always check if they will farm or not, they might farm and u are away so they would be free doing it
  5. DrLiar5 banned for wallhack

    Trace his other acc/main acc im sure he got and ban them all
  6. DrLiar5 banned for wallhack

    Sad for those cheaters ...
  7. He was doing it mostly, he wont talk and keep loot and do skills, now nice gm u caught him unaware

    Sad again capt, no one cares if u are donator or not hahah .. bet more kid

    Hahaha so sad for captnooblade
  10. PvP BET 4k Dks

    Haha he dont cares even if he lose items or dks coz he is so rich, he even shouted he got more than 100k dshop and selling it like 200k dks xD
  11. PvP BET 4k Dks

    Cry more op mouth
  12. Harrassment by GianeKate

    Tired of seeing reports like this lol.
  13. Harrassment by GianeKate

    Seems that guy really wants to buy your item at a cheaper price lol, but its his fault coz he cant force the seller to lower the price for him lol, at the ss he started tt and when he was tted back, he cry and reported haha, What is happening to the server lol..
  14. PvP BET 4k Dks

    Ez dks lol