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  1. Siege problems

    Bro we just want add more 3 hours on siege time so we can attend on that fun siege, you know really? That why when siege is coming most of players had not come coz that time is not a time to wake up except need to set a alarm clock. If they change that time im sure 100%siege is active every week, you know what i mean im just telling fair coz on this server i see all players are from phillipines i just counted players not from phillipines you get me what i mean? HAHHAAHA mr. Old champ. If you comment on this posted make it sure you read our problems, and you say im the one who talk about siege. No im not them im first time to posted this probleme when i posted this problem long day i must stop ask about this sorry i cant read who those post about this. Sorry bro!
  2. Siege problems

    We still waiting for next updated and i hope on next updated you guys change siege time cause its unfair on philippines cause its a 3:00am in the morning we all of from philippine cant woke up in that time. Hopefully it will be change on next update we wanted attend on siege but we wont wake up. Please seen this posted its an important.
  3. Stun Effect Cheats!

    You knew what you talking about or you just fckn. Did you see how long stuns? Maybe you just defend your nob members using software and cheat You said safe yeah? Quiro catch your friends using cheat still not true huh? Forever stun is not a joke. Fckn fallens all retards, fallcrys

    fix these issue ty

    Meh. I don't know, server is almost dead. If gm's not doing there job as a GM. IM BIG SURE THAT PLAYERS LEFTS THIS SERVER If you guys don't want out of players. Makes an event no favor just squals and event is keep going bad I don't know what to explain next. Make it serious we doing a good player in server but the GM's not doing there job. I hope you guys fix these issue, why mamawxd no comment in this posted. Also Lithium no comment, this is serious problems or issues
  6. MaMaWxD Blocking Siege.

    I smell something no one fallens in core but its big okay we dont need them we can play without them HAHAHA. Yeah! i concern in fallens cause they leave and fallens made me cry but sadly i cry of tears of joy
  7. MaMaWxD Blocking Siege.

    Maybe staffs punish you guys because all of you using software, were looking also fair why you guys play using software. HAHAHAHAHA cry :'( I wanted to say all of you fallens good bye.
  8. Core-Games Discord channel

    come back in in-game buddy see you there, lol
  9. Just To Answer Rumors

    Well im not talking to you big head. we're not close!
  10. Just To Answer Rumors

    We dont care if you playing other server, you can stop posted in forums.