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  1. WTS pure dks

  2. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    the bug on alo is skills not the stats
  3. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    dont add any more 20 or 30% talismans it will only ruin the server more where is the thrill in making items if its already easy made us old players worked our ass off making our stuff and buying them now if fortifying is more easily made it will just make the server more crap. market is already dead btw and making that 20 and 30% talisman will only make it worse so good luck if its been approved better off quiting the server than get items more easier
  4. Christmas RING

    a big no no on this one
  5. WTS pure dks

  6. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    i am against 20% and 30% talisman that just makes server more dead cause market already is the'll be no more thrill on upgrading if that happens it will just make it worse if they put 20% and 30% talismans
  7. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    a6 is open up for the reports of the imbalances no one even report the bugs when test server is on that is why a6 is open up. now just report the bugs so it can be fixed
  8. Christmas RING

    no way
  9. WTS pure dks

    Mage +13 Master helm 4x5khp +13 master helm 4x11%fire +13 Magic helion armor 1x10% Flinch 3x10%AMR +13 Normal helion pants 2x2PR +13 DN Mage hermes 1% flinch 1% movement speed based +12 DN new gloves 8%CD 2line imd +13 Normal Abbadon Wand 3x7%Pyramid Inferno wings mage =dks or VS same AK +13 Legatus AK 4x5khp=15k dks +13 Normal Legion armor 3x123 Medial 1x10%flinch=9kdks +13 DN Legion Pants 2%PR based=8kdks +13 Normal Hermes 2x2%Max shield gem=10kdks +13 DN legion gloves 1%CD 2% DMG 2line ID=7kdks +13 Gold Normal Juto 2handed Axe 4x7%Rhombus=12kdks +13 Noble Juto Shield 2% block 2% Max shield 3x10% block rate gem=18kdks +13 Normal Abbadon 1h Sword 3x7% rhombus=5kdks +13 Magic Juto 1h sword fs clean 3%CD 1line ID based=5kdks moon wings ak=3.5kdks Inferno wings=4kdks =dks or other sets DK +12 dn new glove 4%CD 1%DMG=2kdks others +12 dn new alo boots fs 100 medial=500dks
  10. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    dev released a6 to resolve the problems cause no body goes to test server and report the problems when dev needed it thats why he opened up a6 so manny players can report the issues or what so ever
  11. WTS +13's= pure dks

  12. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    @DEV-Samurai loa agency dk to hermes exhange is bugged always says item fail i think all npc on agency are bugged
  13. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    aloken 170 cancimo buff buffs enemy when aloken buffs that and uses skill even tho their not in a pt the aloken gives the opponent his attack buffs
  14. WTS +13's= pure dks

  15. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    now charge shock doesnt have any damage