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  1. buy rhombus 8% 5k dk each
  2. buying golden shield+13 good opt and ak helm +13 w/ 4x 123 medial = pure dk pm price
  3. Championship multi account issue

    coming from your side? bro tell to your mates stop provoking and stop using cheat okay!
  4. Championship multi account issue

    i agree some of your suggestion but for me 4 rings 2earing 3 aura is cool bro and good idea
  5. Championship multi account issue

    for me is okay to join all class you have in cvc because if you have really talent to win the title you will win but piloting class not yours and your just borrowing gears to join its not good and bug abuser and cheating i very hate next cvc need to implement ingame rules strictly and do not allow borrowing gears. even how that king good enough playing all classes there are most good player than him but they quit already because a lot of cheater and bug abuser defeat them and no response from gm/dev so good player force to quit real talk. look i see champions banned by cheating but still defending in their title. participants also using kind of cheat to win fck where is the talent there? they are bullshit players
  6. List of Countries!!!

    one player can pilot multiple accounts using vpn and you never notice it. i suggest register gears in cvc and never allow sharing. and strictly implement the rules about cheating/bug abuser. that only i can help because i know you guys with your team cant create a program that can detect real ip from proxy you can hire a programer that can do it.
  7. for sale golden gauntlet 3%cd base 4x8%rhombus = 30k or trade to dk golden whip 6%cd base 3x 14% curse = 25k hb hellion boots pants +13 new hb gloves +12 9%cd
  8. Bagi / Segu / Seg

    25k dk fix
  9. Seguriper CVC event

    you idiot shitty pilot are you a hero? saving your cheaters friend make your self stupid bro keep it up. your cheater friend benjie scared in me you know what? because he know he will lose in instant.
  10. Seguriper CVC event

    game segu vs segu pvp bet let set the date and time too much talk. use brain? you and your team always protecting the cheaters thats why core is dead now. keep trolling bro with your team core will be closed soon.
  11. Access Log Tutorial

    you idiot complaining and crying is not the same helping and crying is not the same how about you what you do to help core? blame the players that wanted to core back to life?
  12. Access Log Tutorial

    why i educated down my ego to these idiots and low grade people bullshit players boom unregistered you make your self idiot and no knowledge even in simple soft like bitvise your not a programmer you never know that. bullshit player.
  13. Seguriper CVC event

    so set a pvp bet headtaker vs benjie i bet full seguriper set and goldengauntlet 4xrhombus 8% in it i bet for headtaker lets doit full buffs. dont talk to much you guys are protecting the bug abusers and cheater in this game bullshit players. even who pilot that fcking cheater benjie. noob segu is headtaker so easy gears for you guys bring it on bullshit players.
  14. Seguriper CVC event

    pretender as what? being good player? that give nice gameplay that gives better gameplay see by other players? and new comers will watch my video of my fights on youtube i think i give better idea how segu fights for who want to use segu better than those player using bug or cheat as a skills to be win
  15. Seguriper CVC event

    you're happy that headtaker lose? becuase you using the dc bug tricks? keeping trolling dude.