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  1. Time For New Upgrades

    i think its time to upgrade our gears just like Golden weapons, shields and guards. For example upgrading an armor which gives MAX SHIELD,AMR,DEF or PR to Golden or what ever you may call it, same goes for other gears. I think with this upgrades PVP's will a last for a bit longer.

    if on the following updates grade wont increase even in 3x exp days i think the amount of grades points for the next rank or level should be decreased so it wont be that hard for us to grind grade points.

    PROBLEM: Since the addtion of Max medials magic class gain an increase in defence and physical class with all defence stays the same (10%). SOLUTION: Increase the magic resistance of physical class atleast a max of 80%
  4. bugs

    aloken's mana shock dont work and magunurin only crit for one time plsss do fix this
  5. bugs on a6

    i did reset my skill using master's mistake which i purchased at exchange center and all my skill points did not revert back plus aloken class is still bug cant do alot of damage unlike in A3