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  1. [Open Beta] Leveling Guide

    when i was there on low lv i get nothing so was at the first build
  2. [Open Beta] Leveling Guide

  3. [Open Beta] Farming Guide

  4. A9 bugs

    Dk helmet fix = removed?
  5. A9 bugs

    Nearly all exchange is fail :/
  6. A9 bugs

    What about ice castle? Is it comming back? Will be gp or exp?
  7. [Open Beta] Farming Guide

    Feather/dk/argate also dill but not too mutch - Crespo abyss 1-4 (As i see yetis are the best for drop) easy Dragon token - Sacred Claw, Dravice, Mitera (i have seen sacred for the best) kinda hard Fafnir wings - Favnil nest (20% drop chanche good luck, also u can get wings by feather) easy Dill - at Crespo Abyss Karon indung rank S (u can get gp and also 100k dill/mob) hard lv170+ set - Sacred Claw kinda hard lv200+ set - Mitera easy lv230+ set - Dravice easy lv155 wep (Twisted fate) - Deadland easy lv160 weps - Crespo Abyss easy lv165 weps - U have to farm dragon tokens, and exchange it at agency lv170 wep - Mitera easy
  8. [Open Beta] Leveling Guide

    So i decided to try help a little bit to our newcomers. 1-34 ardeca 34-59 heihaf and parca From 59 u go to frozen valley with teleport and run to the upperside teleport then u go to norak, there is a teleporter he can take u to the end of norak u can lv there till 82 From 82 u go to draco till 100 From 100 avalon 118 Doomed maze 130 space of piligrimage /Acquira ruins (131+ there is a dg at crespo abyss u need 3k pp to go in, u can get pp by quest at crespo abyss u should go there with a pt good till 150) 150+ Tower Indun 175+ sacred claw Hope i help with this post
  9. A9 bugs

    Doomed maze C,C lv 105 and 110 says your level is too low
  10. A9 bugs

    As soon you enter fafnip's nest boss zone instant crash
  11. A9 bugs

    You cant exchange dk to feather, or the wing for 100 feather also says failed to exchange, also tower keep causing crash, df lvl cap is set in game and on map but its work differently doom is feom 160+