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  2. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    thats too much bugs here ,i prefer A3 after huge anticheat update
  3. PT PVP

    who tf are u ? u not xThar lol
  4. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    i suggest to make dark circle with very low cd like 1 sec

  6. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

    protecting the gate of the hell to not let any demon getting out
  7. The Myth the Legend!

    ok dude ty :*
  8. The Myth the Legend!

    dude if u have or know some sites to teach photoshop can u send to me ?
  9. The Myth the Legend!

    this is awesome dude
  10. Hello Everyone

    <3 <3 <3 hello old friend ,core is suck without u and others who left
  11. Feeling Sad

    not only me i have video to u pvp someone else segu to segu and u both was have way diff stun time and as siren said we are at wrong topic Sorry NewBorn
  12. still bugged python magic field of crevice/crack other bugs also

    but its ok to me for fair play
  13. still bugged python magic field of crevice/crack other bugs also

    client work normal even with forum at google chrome with me but its crash and send cheat msg if i visit Report Hackers/Cheaters/Scammers at forum same as ur SS
  14. Feeling Sad

    Wahahahahahahah i have my reasons to have 4x game folder i can show to staff explain to any of the staff that anytime but how about u guys can u explain why u still have long stun after dev samurai block wtfast ? how did u bypass that hahahah
  15. Feeling Sad

    those were 4 GM's Rail LightSide Kyle Siren not only 3 that was a nice days not like now