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  1. Miss u all <3

    miss that kind of dmg so bad
  2. Hello Guys . . There's Just a little Throwbacks

    meeeh im not that good puteri still way better than me he teach me well but he still better and he said u are same like him so u are very strong than me
  3. Hello Guys . . There's Just a little Throwbacks

    its true we are like sky and earth u r too op to me
  4. Hello Guys . . There's Just a little Throwbacks

    u are the only seg i wish to pvp <3 bcuz i already pvp others

    ur ups is great
  6. Buff Bugs

  7. Buff Bugs

  8. Class Championship 2019

    isn't true ?
  9. Class Championship 2019

    i bet for ak
  10. Gear Gone

    hahahah gonna be long story before u see his name at ur post
  11. Class Championship 2019 Event

    ye ye ye ye ye u did great job
  12. Class Championship 2019 Event

    we respect ur work time and accept the u make event at 2days per week bcuz u got work to do too and u dont respect out work and time ? so funny
  13. Class Championship 2019 Event

    but u make the event at my work days and work hours sad but if u can move it back some hour will be nice