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  1. Class Championship 2019

    all class now have insane dmg so its going to be so fast than anytime it was before the longer pvp will take about 4 min i guess
  2. Class Championship 2019 Event

    @GM-LightSide i guess it's should be at Friday \ Saturday sense all countries not have same days at weekend but most of them at friday\saturday so all can join not only the people who dont have work can join give a chance to all
  3. Seg Champion wings

  4. Help Us Find a Time for Future Events.

    i wish they did that
  5. Seg Champion wings

    Seg champion wings have only 100% shield not like other wings 150% @DEV-Samurai take a look
  6. Illegal items in game

    well i hit OutBox more dmg than he hit me and i did better combo and i still lose to him lots of shield he got
  7. Believe it or not it excess

    +1 about only dev can edit or access to items options, but that if we talk about legal ways not illegal ways
  8. Dk square bugs

    swaping helmet at dksquare while talking give dc
  9. Dk square bugs

    all of that u said is happened to me too
  10. Balancing Team

    Sesame Cake and white Cake cannot use both at same time bcuz both of cake remove the other
  11. Things

    championship already have to be done before a6 released, i still wonder why dev release unbalanced server before championship since a3 was perfect for doing championship with balance server and huge anticheat\wtfast blocked too, lightside said its will take about 1 week so why dev didnt just wait for 1 week to notice us + 1 week for doing the event = 2 weeks total or even 3 week wont be so long, but better than release unbalanced server and said wait since we fix bugs\balance and make the championship next championship will be after 6 month + so he can balance all the classes bcuz to make king fight u need to make all classes balanced well was very very bad move from dev to released unready server, i feel bad for all people who work hard to make items for championship and now they waste that
  12. DN KATAR

  13. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    thats too much bugs here ,i prefer A3 after huge anticheat update
  14. PT PVP

    who tf are u ? u not xThar lol
  15. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    i suggest to make dark circle with very low cd like 1 sec