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  1. CaptainOpBlade Jounery Part 2

    Yes bro, I understand its hard to belive u lost to 3k dmg but.. thats is Keep practice! chat
  2. Wizzard skills

    1. yea its need to get fixed asap useless dmg. 2.I stole your signature lol HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. Championship multi account issue

    Once before I leave this boring post, read those words. Yano the one that brought all the shit to core games at 2016 to win Nissan at ak champ I’ll never forget this day. WTFast master. The last player that can talk. Shame of you greedy Have a nice day and let’s wait for dq
  4. Championship multi account issue

    I got tired of you. You repeat yourself like 1 week like broken robot. Your welcome to pvp me / pvp bet me with me in game, until then go and create fake accs to save your friend. Shinji puppy
  5. Championship multi account issue

    There is different between sharing account to use Same account
  6. Championship multi account issue

    1. Don’t steal my bebe 2. Go create fake accounts to vote for your friends bebe 3. Do you have proofs before u false accuse? 4.stop cry because light dq you meh all the comments here hate you and your friends {Champion}Janan bebe
  7. Championship multi account issue

    Ser Yano I got question. When you say kicked you mean you, corrupt quaz, corrupt Vincent or corrupt waffle?
  8. Championship multi account issue

    Bebe ofc I want master puteri
  9. Championship multi account issue

    Did I said borrow? I said he made the gear, he made it like 6 months ago and btw even if I was borrowing it’s allowed to borrow bebe puteri you know it’s not like play for others players for tag like some players did ;(
  10. Championship multi account issue

    True I didn’t got my gear for farm. My big secret is Vaatu luck. Everything he tried to make +13 always succeeded don’t be jealous meh
  11. Championship multi account issue

    I smell false accuse? I was report you but I think you have nothing i still love you puteri bebe I miss our pvps at loa atleast u were better than {legend}Rated btw we didn’t talk since this scam I’ll let you know I’m not the player that scammed you well I got banned for it because Waffle hated me but I’m geared again so it’s doesnt matter ur choice if U want believe <3
  12. Championship multi account issue

    You? Legend of hunter? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA all our pvps I won with 300k above you the worst wizz worst hunter and worst segu in server even colombiana better hunter than you. You need to understand you good only at pve. Pvp isn’t for you. I invite you to bet on my tag hunter vs hunter but if you lose you give me your wizz + hunter gear.
  13. Championship multi account issue

    It’s so funny xD mortisha and you only trying to defend shinji but look the topic comments.. everyone knows the truth.. you alone man crap group of pilots trying to defend themselves so sad. Now back to your work create fake accounts and pray
  14. Championship multi account issue

    Not big deal hahahahahahaha u cried 24/7 after light dq u And now. Keep try to defend you friend loyal puppy
  15. Championship multi account issue

    Where I QQ? I won cvc event I didn’t dq before it’s started like you xD since light dq you you can’t stop cry shinji puppy