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  1. WTS Pure DK

  2. WTS Pure DK

    WTS 106K Pure DK + Full Segu +13 in A6 Server = Dshop in Core A3 Server pm me
  3. WTS Pure DK

  4. WTS Pure DK

  5. WTS Pure DK

  6. WTS Pure DK

  7. WTS Pure DK

  8. WTS Pure DK

  9. WTS Pure DK

  10. WTS Pure DK

  11. WTS OP Rings / Earrings

    DN Serpent 394 ID DN Serpent 2% CD +334 ID DN Serpent 3% CD +253 ID DN Serpent 1% CD +205 ID DN Spell Plume 1% MS +340 ID DN Spell Plume 10% CD 1% MS DN Spell Plume 9% CD +165 IMD
  12. WTT 100% CS

    DN Sapphire DB +13 13% CD +203 ID FS 8% Rhombus DN Helion Armor +13 +51 Def FS 123 DEF DN Helion Armor +13 FS 10% AMR DN Helion Glove +13 5% CD +152 ID DN Hermes +13 Noble Helion Helmet +13 FS 5k HP Dshop Wings fs 5k hp Trading for MAGE / BAGI / HB / PURE DK
  13. WTT Hunter

    Noble Sapphire Xbow +13 11% cd 4x 8% Rhombus DN Sapphire Bow +13 13% cd + 93 ID 4x 8% Rhombus DN Helion Armor +13 +52 Def 4x 123 Def DN Helion Pants +13 2% PR Base DN Helion Glove +13 3% DMG 1% cd +33 ID DN Helion Boots +!3 Legatus +13 fs 4x 5k hp Offer no vs no dk no segu
  14. Some years ago =)

    Wow ser op Kof is here
  15. Balance Balance Balance

    Hello, Any of Staff team plan to stop think 24/7 about pve farming and all those boring things and start THINK ABOUT CLASSES BALANCE AND PVP EVENTS? How come one of the ''top'' servers got that bad PVP Balance, Lack of staff members, no pvp events? we had perfect staff and all of them kicked because 2 dumb players that entered to server and edited items THERE IS NO EVEN SENSE wake up already and fix your server, give some adventure also to PVP PLAYERS. Alot of people made topics before me but we dont get answers, maybe give attention and answer us already. @DEV-Samurai @DEV-Samurai @DEV-Samurai @DEV-Samurai @Core-Master @Core-Master @Core-Master @Core-Master @HGM-LightSide @HGM-LightSide @HGM-LightSide @HGM-LightSide
  16. Balance Balance Balance

    Well what about HB? Let’s say I hit her 18-20k and she hitting 16k, add her dmg reflect buff that hitting back 50% of my dmg around 40 secs duration so I’m hitting 20k vs 26k + her abanormal so it’s just a machine you can’t stop, you thought that’s all? No. When she using Vital + dmg reflect I’m hitting 3-4K but still getting back 8-10k. Cool, hitting less and getting more what a good balance what about mage on full buff? Getting 27k (70k 4x from trans skill) while hitting 7-8k Why not to increase the max resistance cap? maybe because no one cares.
  17. ToxicBow

  18. Balance Balance Balance

    Thanks for response Core Staff, You prove yourselves everytime, no matter how many players asking, nobody cares
  19. Immortal Pendant

    No more words needed.
  20. Champion Janan

    Cool bro thanks
  21. Bored.

    Thanks send me dm please
  22. Bored.

    Oii man make for me plz x.x
  23. More Events!

    The failure guard that holding the title ''The Shortest staff memebr of Core'' talking? you got kicked after less than 1 week as a guard lmao
  24. More Events!

    The server transfered into PVE Server since all the staff kicked except of LightSide.. Hes not really cares about PK/PVP Players, I even heard staff isnt even support PVP Bet anymore. is that a joke? Im asking from staff for months already to host events for PK/PVP players like us but as you noticed already no one cares and I dont even count those 2/3 pvp events Inori hosted at 6am server time that only few players participated Where is 1v1? 2v2? 3v3? LMS? LPS? DKSQ? we have 2 specific event for almost 1 year already
  25. The need to balance magic and physical classes

    I can agree (and i suggested it to samurai maybe half year ago but he didnt really care) about increase the max resistance, 85% is even still low, I suggested increase it to 100% but also increase the 10% amr gems to 15%. wizz isnt broken he just op at full buffs pvp (same as mage) segu and seg isnt broken on class/full buffs they are balanced if you talk about broken classes at class pvp its: HB , Bagi, Mage But its just talks after all.. you can notice by the released patches that they focus at PVE patches nothing about PVP @LioNSouL Btw ancy, Core balance was still on edge when they released DK, its fucked up when they released a6