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  1. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    @DEV-Samurai i think this post suppose to get most of the attention... this dksq boring all people do is chase stones if have fights its only at stones spots no one going mid lol. best solution relocate the stones to mid...
  2. DK-SQ need improvement!!!

    Same, I’m new esquire and this rank system working really bad. why not to add map with gp mobs or just make the mobs in crespo abyess with gp like ur a9 server. People can’t waste all their time in dksq it’s will take eternity. Let us farm gp from mobs not only dksq cuz also not always dksq going.
  3. I am just curious!!!

    xD even althought u crap, unskilled, hacker, noob, editor and also liar i still like you :*
  4. I am just curious!!!

    tell dev to check all my accs in stash / inv if he will find 1 illegal item perm ban all my accs. i thought u only editor i didnt know u also liar
  5. I am just curious!!!

    Hm, U told me “look what I made I had another glove like those but they failed”... stop try to give excuses already. U shouldn’t comment here since the first time I met u and ur unskilled hunter friend I knew already u both editors. Right, scratcher didn’t edit anything but “I didn’t knew it’s bullshit” better 3 of you will leave the game asap cuz Losing with edited set and stats its fucking shame
  6. Believe it or not it excess

    U should check ur server more often not only at sat / Sunday for events and u will see alot of things u didn’t know that exist in ur server
  7. Believe it or not it excess

    well i respect you and ur work as gm but NO. not only dev can edit in server. dont be innocent. its known.
  8. facts

    Server empty also at weekends I wish it was only weekdays. Losing more and more players and still thinking all under control. Lmao
  9. Things

    +1 and no words needed.
  10. Things

    You dumb. The meaning is if they release mavrics before they do champ event we will wait more time and 1 year passed already. +1 to start championship event already bad idea to add new items before. 1 week? It’s always at Friday-saturday and that’s all the story atleast give us date / open registration or something. All we hear is just “soon” 1 month already
  11. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    I can agree on that. should add 3-4k dmg to wizzards thats how he always been, all the rest classes perfect much more balanced

    Thats amazing progress and amazing news. +20 seconds cd to lvl 200 skills perfect, class dmg decrease. but i think better make all 170-180 lvl skill 30 secs because few of them 14 few of them 15 few of them 20 etc. just for sync.

    take this video as example. 4 skills to kill.. and i tested it on around 4-5 hunters, all of them died from those 4 skills. u really think thats pvp of skills like a3? and look into inv, i wear 3 serps, helion wings.

    Its should not be complicated in this case because all need to do is Reduce same amount of dmg to all the classes. dmg that will make our pvp longer than 40 secs or 1 min pvp. to change skills cd as shinji said 40 secs for Grand Meister skills and 30 secs for 50m skills would be great. i can set my bar with 6 skills and i dont need anything else we want to do pvps of skills and not pvp of repeat high dmg skills to cut shield asap
  15. We updated yesterday new patch that gave everyone 30-40k shield more but increased dmg xD whats the point? those 30-40k shield going in 1 hit so whats the point? I cant understand why u dont reduce the dmg in 4-5k if not more each class, why u dont change yet the level 170-200 skills cool down from 14-20 secs to 30 secs for all of them? all people do is just repeat them (and me too) and pvp over in 40 secs max thats not pvp of skills anymore thats pvp of dmg. Why its should take so long or u just dont want to reduce same amount of damage each class, change skills cd and its will already be much better than now. those 30k shield wont change anything we just want to enjoy from pvp of skills and not pvp of dmg. i tested hunter vs hunter and do 2 times the lvl 200 skills and the pvp over.