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  1. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

  2. s>+13 DK Trash item

    DK set S>+13Legatus 4x 5khp S>+13Juto Golden Force 6cd base FG S>+13Helion Armor Normal FG amr S>+13Heliong Glove normal S>+13Legion pants normal S>+12 New Boots =Dks or Trade to Others Same value even Not totally set But Same Value. Pm me in Game:IYAKANGPARENTSMO
  3. yes this my char im not the person to post that pic. someone try to ban my account
  4. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

    My seg meet my new Friend Bubisin The dragon in elenom Seg class
  5. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

  6. My Shop (Selling & Buying)

    2pcs vip for your boots
  7. Birthday Video Challenge.

  8. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

    Bagi class IGN:DAFAMGAHATERSKO angry bagi with thunder bolt from the heaven
  9. Fashion Screenshot Challenge

  10. yeah he trade other char so didnt lose anything.
  11. George regala scammer

    it's planing or atemp to scam zz got a proof and hi admit it,
  12. George regala scammer

    That scenario GM He use other char to pretend other ppl to get biggame trust, and he pm me he said , Don't say tagalo cuz matumal is here, cuz he tried to scam ,biggame and he admit it to put his real name. george he put his idintiy. you know what i'm sayin, a while a go, il buy str dragon ,and he put normal, then remove then put str then remove then put normal dragon, kind of trick to scam inocent player ,
  13. this proof attemp to scam , its a kind of toxic i know all his char.