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  1. WTT Aloken

    that's not me
  2. exp guide

    at least for max Rebirth 400 to 600 con and full SPR kinda like that
  3. exp guide

    at least make 2 character from different account, create a segnale for farming and for boosting Best for PVE w/ healing skills and great aoe skills you dont have to gear this so much just make an +10 set or +10 abaddon weapon or any whip. it can helps you to farm in ICE 150 or ICE 200 for some argates and DKs and for your main character for PVP, I cant really give you an advice about it cause its all about whats your preparable type of character you can search on youtube those classes to helps you in choosing a main character. and for levelling i think there's still a topic about leveling guide for A3 and its still similar to A6 this is the link: but my process for leveling is 1 to 37 ---- Ardeca 37 to 48 ---- Fronzen Valley Then go back to ardeca -> Parca then 48 to 60 ---- Crespo 60 to 90-128 ---- DP60 Then relog 100+ to 135 ---- DP90 135 to 150 ---- Plane of Pilgrimage 150 to 180 ---- ICE castle lvl150 180 to 200 ---- Sacred Claw 200 to 235-250 ---- ICE castle lvl200 235 to 245 ---- Dravis Village 245 to 250 ---- Cherubim Welcome to CORE AND I also dont know about A9 so if you are in A9 xD this wont help you..
  4. WTB +13 Gold Juto whip

    Would you like to trade your bagi for BW?
  5. Gear Gone

    I lost 2 fury and dev didn't response too... even my message to them
  6. CaptainOpBlade

    hahahahahahahaha my god...