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  1. Crashed Problem

  2. Crashed Problem

    if the core staff implement the in-game rules strictly and banned those players who abused the game bug so players will report the bug when they encounter it. real talk core staff so soft and trusting to fcking alibi. if you guys see the bug abuser is nonsense to report it so leave it there let core staff fix the issue no player concern to it because core staff not concern to the players who won't have a nice game they concern in bug abuser and ignore what the bug abuser did am i right core staffs?
  3. Crashed Problem

    a lot of players not willing to help! They abused the bug for self-interest so they can use the bug in the future to take advantage in-game.
  4. for sale complete dk gears +13 legatus helm +13 4x 5k hp hellion armor +13 4x 10%amr hellion pants +13 2x 2%pr hellion boots +13 2x 2%ms dn legion gloves +13 3%dmg +2 line ID hellion armor and helm +13 with 123 medial blue dn golden weapon +13 4x 8%rhombus 3line ID 300+ base I accept trade! seguriper full gears only with 8% rhombus too !
  5. Buying serpent ring w/ option 4%cd 2%ms 150+ ID pm price dont be shy
  6. Championship multi account issue

    Who me? that's why player left in core? or just your teammate? when wtfast gone you guys left real talk. and i always back when cvc is coming! all of my friends here are quit because they said your teammates is a cheater and bully and arrogant player so much trash talk than give a good fight and do I kill your mates business in core that's why they left? some of your teammates is my buddies like IPE, Archie, Agashi and more but you guys so suck! why you and your teammates hate me so much? I just give a good fight for every player i pvp even in farming i share spots but your mates pk me while farming for what? to stole my farming spot or provoking me? imagine I am your old teammate but you guys declare war and hunt me whenever I go now you pointing in me your teammate fault wow grow up kid! you guys always point the blame to others.
  7. newcomers

    i suggest to prioritize new players in this server give them a nice starting package gears, like aura, set +13, weapon +13 not tradable of course gears have expire like 30days is enough please do not auto gear up when someone creating account it can be abused please make it manually give by core staffs via requesting to know if they are really a new player. Create new updates leveling guides, farming guides. For the new players reading this and bullied by the feeling strong in game kindly pm me in game i will try to help you guys our ingame name is GIANT, quiro, KaRaNzO, FORCEFULL, HeadTaker.
  8. Bagi Wep

    i wanted to sell my magic golden gauntlet 3%cd base 1 line inc dmg with 4x 8%rhombus in it for 30k dk fix or trade to [ DK WEP ] same i add dk coins if needed. Please pm me in game or here GIANT
  9. Championship multi account issue

    If core staffs banned all suspected bug abuser / cheaters / scammers / selling items in real money / these core will live longer, and new comers wanted to play decided not to continue to play because some issue in that thing! even in the cvc issue some of cvc participants is a cheater / join many alts to win the title. Noob participants piloted by pro player to win the champ, borrowing gears to join so disgusting if you have no talent/no gears to win the title stop joining! we here to have fun and enjoy the cvc event to show our skills in world wide web, but sadly most of players using kind of cheat to win and they are proud of it sucks if there is a good core staff to implement ingame rules strictly the players will less doubt and can easily understand because the rules are there before you creating an account. players should read/know/follow the game rules before playing. You core staffs! why you let the players blame you in player fault? It's enough don't make your self stupid! You're in position to implement ingame rules, and you made a rules in what event you did so you have the power in that make player follow you not to follow them and don't trust easily in player fcking alibi kick the ass of bullshit players. PLEASE CLOSED THIS TOPIC!
  10. Bagi / Segu / Seg

    25k dk pure fix
  11. Bagi / Segu / Seg

    offer good
  12. For selling our items in dk seguriper set +13 hellion w/ legatus and hermes w/ inferno wing w/ golden juto scythe +13 6%cd base seg whip golden +13 6%cd base w/ hellion wing golden gauntlet 3%cd base 4x8%rhombus
  13. Access Log Tutorial

    Hi Dev Sam I want to share a little knowledge by detecting a real ip from proxy/vpn to hide the real IP of the user please see the picture bellow that is my server access log i am a web developer so i have access in the server to check everyday who accessing my website and who attack my website every user will show there the real ip to proxy to what browser user used. I am sure that your windows server has access log too. i am concern in your core games that's why i am sharing this to you to detect attacks and cheater hiding them selves in proxy IP.
  14. 1,Shinjihirako, 2,xPRETORIANx, 3,juniorgt 4.GIANT 4.knighty