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    Ahahhaha what ur problem?? Just make it simple build OP pc and u can be fisher too lol no need to complain... As long they never use cheat to get dks... U think 1 day fishing 1 acc can get 1k dks?? Hahahaha think about other side not all player have much time to farming they also have real life not 100% on game lol
  2. PvP BET 4k Dks

    Yeah lol Yeah best way ingore but i just wanted to try him cuz he said was OP player on core beat all class and player... Then now i realise he op at mouth and keyboard warrior lol. Hi capt dont be shy use your real acc forum pls.. Hahaha yeah im noob still in learn a6 style totaly difrent with a3.. Give me time okey baby hahahhaa He try to show how stupid he can be hahaha
  3. PvP BET 4k Dks

    Dear OP vs pls stop talking shit to me cuz u are dumb noob i kick ur ass with 700k shild left.. I dont need crismas ring, 4line IMD or 12cd ring, sappire wep and vip aura to kick ur ass that showing how OP captain are bro lose to segnale farming char... Next time bring ur respect and ppl also will respect u
  4. Miss u all <3

    Hi everyone just old video i miss u all who alys become my friend and enemy hihi.. This time we fight for bos spot hihi they are so bad gang bang me and at the last we go for pvp 1v1.. My seg vs champion easyboy Sorry about poor quality video hihih old vid
  5. Championship multi account issue

    Hahahaha nothing to jelous with him.. Cuz he got nothing and nothing to proud i just pity on him got no face after stole my item and he still want to show him face in front of me lol...
  6. Championship multi account issue

    So you borrow gear from him.. You already break rules of cvc dq pls hahahah.. No one jelous with u cuz u poor and bad boy plus noob
  7. Championship multi account issue

    Yeah i also know he fcking lazy farming hahahaha... Hey nazrat nab miss u too hahaha Not really i already beat him..
  8. Championship multi account issue

    Already report him with proof already got banned and now i have no idea why he come again with full set.. Idk where did he stole again rofl..
  9. Championship multi account issue

    Janan is Toxicbow for me he is not the best lol... Cuz i fcking hate him.. He stole all my dks 250k++ set and dshop 70k++ he hack my acc.. But i dont know why he still alive in this server lol
  10. Championship multi account issue

    However u are the best in trashtalk that the reason why i alyws ingore u hahahahaha muaaahh babe
  11. Championship multi account issue

    Sorry i laugh hard when u said Rated is the best hunter.. In my opt the best hunter is SoaR a.k.a Swan since Nissan caught using hack and Ashee have long stun and silent so my choose is Swan the best hunter in core... Rated is the best trashtalk hahahaha
  12. Grand Champion Event 2019

    At a6 Mage so OP with high dmg and high def nice
  13. Seguriper CVC event

    Hi can you pls draw or something i fcking lazy to read and anyone sell pop corn here?? Whatupp hello how are u???
  14. Hello Everyone

    hello bro <3 i wish core will back like old time fun everywhere xD hi sir GM congraz now you co head i know you are good since you was guard hello Tyrah i remember you Summy OP AF <3 hi sir GM ofc my deeds make all player include staff mad pak off noob seg
  15. Feeling Sad

    Hi noob seg