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  1. 1v1 PVP

    1v1 PVP Event Map: Battle of Honor Rewards: 1st round winners: 100 dks 2nd round winners: 200 dks 3rd round winner: 300 dks Thanks to all who participated. Hope to see you next time Dont forget to vote for core-games! [GM]Sleaze
  2. PvP Event (Delayed post)

    PvP Event Map: Battle of honor Rewards: 100 dks each round winner and 300 dks for the winner Thanks for coming. Till next time [GM]Sleaze
  3. Anyone out there?

    ~Hello and good day everyone!~ I've seen in the past that there has been signature makers/editors here, and was wondering if there still anyone around on forums? I don't have any experience with it myself, so it would be awesome if anyone could take their time to make one (And prehaps show me a thing or two about programs/how to make em myself) Cheers, [GM]Sleaze
  4. Kill the GM

    Kill the GM Event Map: Draco Desert Rounds: 5 Rewards: 200 DKs Thanks to all participants. Till next time [GM]Sleaze
  5. My youtube channel

    ~Hello and good day everyone!~ I've setup a youtube channel where i will be posting events and other ingame related stuff. Make sure to check it out and subscribe Stay tuned LINK TO CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClBwLXW2Lf8V9LW7jaJ0KIg/featured?disable_polymer=1 [GM]Sleaze
  6. PvP Event

    1 vs 1 PVP Event Map: Battle of honor Rewards: 100 dks each round winner and 300 dks for winner of the event Thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned for more [GM]Sleaze
  7. A couple questions!

    1. As far as i know Samurai is working on alot of things, im sure he has seen reports on it and will fix it as soon as he can. 2. You can, but you will loose the gems. By using argates, you will have a higher chance of keeping ur slots in weapon, 90% chance of success instead of 75% which is ur success chances with crap gems 3. Depends on stats of the part, but normal/magic is around 8-12k im guessing now days? 4. You can farm them most places you can farm rings tbh. Castor cave, BA, Ditar, Forgotten temple, secret pass of dravis etc etc. regards, {Guard}Sleaze
  8. Help GM'S

    If you log into the core-games.net website, you can teleport urself to ardeca. If you need further instructions, you can pm me. {Guard}Sleaze
  9. Thank you everyone

    ~ Hello and good day to everyone! ~ I would just like to say "Thank you" to all of you players for your enthusiasm over the past 1-2 months concerning the huge change on our A3 -> A6 server. Bug reports and patience has been on point, for most of you. Hopefully the server will be balanced and bugs will be fixed soon, so we can start focusing on fun events etc. Also a BIG thanks to @Co-Head-GM-Inori @Co-Head-LightSide @Co-Head-Siren who are doing a lovely job with helping players and of course our DEV who is fixing all this by himself. @DEV-Samurai Regards, {Guard}Sleaze
  10. 1vs1 Party mode PvP event

    PvP event Twist: 1vs1 Party mode Map: ardeca Prizes: 1st place: 300 dks 2nd place: 200 dks 3rd place: 100 dks (Bronze final: Blythee vs Icehn = Icehn) {Guard}Sleaze
  11. Things

    Well i can agree with you that it will be equal for everyone since its the same char ofc. Don't get me wrong, this was just my opinion and theres no excuses. I just think some chars are unbalanced and the result may not be about skill. (I can also understabd the frustration because the event should have been done already)
  12. Things

    Championship has been done differently over the past years, some years it was 1 week and others only 1 weekend and 1 day of grandchamp. Depends on availability of the staff Also class championship could be done now, but it wouldn't make it as interesting as it could be(because of balance/buggs obviously). So atleast in my opinion we should wait for @DEV-Samurai to succesfully balance and fix all bugs of the characters. It is better now than it was because of cooldown increase, dmg decrease etc. But still some adjustments that needs to be made. {Guard}Sleaze
  13. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Wizard skills Dark dragon seems bugged and menacing blast does unusually high dmg Vicious summonet pet Ergiol, when summoned Gigantes appears instead {Guard}Sleaze
  14. PvP event

    PvP event Hosted a uncasual pvp event in ardeca and shouted out for 1v1 pvps first participants who PMed me got to join. Map: Ardeca Prizes: 100 dks each winner rounds: 4 ( last round as a special 2v2 party pvp) Round 1: JawBreaker vs Carterz - Winner: JawBreaker Round 2: Sianetto vs CuteQueen - Winner: CuteQueen Round 3: JawBreaker vs CuteQueen - Winner: Jawbreaker Round 4: Carterz vs Murderrr - Winner: Carterz Round 5: Carterz and Icehn vs JawBreaker and CuteQueen - Winners: Jawbreaker and CuteQueen Thanks to all participants! {Guard}Sleaze
  15. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Nice suggestion but theres no point really. Because im sure Samurai is working hard on it and will probably release the next update soon. Also what Player102 said, we need to help him, hes on his own fixing all this. A6 test server wasnt really any success, mainly because there was only a few amount of people who cared and reported buggs, which is why we discover alot now.