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  1. Action 6 Bugs after upgrade

    Nice suggestion but theres no point really. Because im sure Samurai is working hard on it and will probably release the next update soon. Also what Player102 said, we need to help him, hes on his own fixing all this. A6 test server wasnt really any success, mainly because there was only a few amount of people who cared and reported buggs, which is why we discover alot now.
  2. A6 PVP System

    Yeah i've noticed the same thing, pvps are so short because of such high dmg on many chars for example. On one of my alt char i tested the skill "familar spirit" for VS/CS and even though i had max resistance the skill do 3x 45-55k hits = 150k shield, so i can make some people half shield in 1 combo which doesnt seem right imo.
  3. Some costume work

    Awesome bro! Loved both of em, and would be cool if they get added in game
  4. HGM Position

    I kind of agree with you, LightSide, but you are really doing a wonderful job as Co.Head(and as GM). You would be the most fitted as HGM and I admire u of turning down the position to rather manage as a team. you got my respect! {Guard}Sleaze
  5. Riddle event

    Riddle event Map: ardeca Rounds : 5 Prizes : 50 DK's each Round 1: I have a toungue but cannot talk. i have no legs but sometime i walk. What am I? A Shoe - Winner : Razumihin Round 2: Why did the coffe file a police report? It was mugged! - Winner : Carterz Round 3: I start with an e and end with an e i have whole countries inside of me. What am I? Europe - Winner : Razumihin Round 4: Why would a hair stylist rather cut the hair of two brunettes than one red head? They would make more money - Winner : Razumihin Round 5: What has many ears but cannot hear? A cornfield - Winner : Carterz Hope you enjoyed. {Guard}Sleaze
  6. Q&A event

    Question and Answer event Map: Ardeca Rounds: 5 Prize : 50 DK's each winner Round 1: Who was the legendary Benedictine monk who invented champagne? Dom Perignon. Round 2: Name the largest freshwater lake in the world? Lake Superior. Round 3: Where would you find the Sea of Tranquility? The Moon. Round 4: What is someone who shoes horses called? A farrier. Round 5: What item of clothing was named after its Scottish inventor? A Mackintosh. Round 1 winner : Raskoljnikov Round 2 Winner : Iwaku Round 3 winner : Pryor Round 4 winner : Raskoljnikov Round 5 winner : butawanafarmer Hope you all enjoyed. {Guard}Sleaze
  7. The Myth the Legend!

    Now that's what I would call art ! Very nice mate