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  1. Forbidden Spirit Bug

    Alright. I already send a message to higher staff!
  2. Guess the song event

    Guess the song event 50 dks per round 5 rounds Questions: 1: We got angels all around i was once lost but now im found 2: Two A.M., the birds are chirping outside and they're keeping me awake 3: Coot marseilles was an old black man from down missisippi way 4: This is never been done before with a rhyme outside 5: People all in my business talk about me online Answers: 1: Angels - South Park Mexican 2: Window Sash Weights - Sun Kil Moon 3: Coot Marseilles Blues - Tom T. Hall 4: Poet Laureate Infinity - Canibus 5: Same old me - Rittz Winners : 1: xThar 2: Sulayman 3: MsAndrea 4: xThar 5: Sulayman Thanks for participates, Dont forget to vote CORE! Thunder
  3. Riddle Event

    RIDDLE EVENT 50 dks per round 5 Rounds Questions: 1: A rooster lays an egg on the roof of a barn. Which way does the egg roll? 2: What does almost no one what, yet almost no one wants to lose? 3: How can you make a car, a parrot, a refrigerator, and a TV Liquid? 4: I am always in front of you but never behind you. What am i? 5: No matter how much it rains, it never gets any wetter. What is it? Answers: 1: I doesn't, roosters don't lay eggs. 2: Their job 3: Sell them 4: The Future 5: Water Winners: 1: Gwendolyn 2: Gwendolyn 3: Gwendolyn 4: Gwendolyn 5: Yasuke Thanks for participate, Dont forget to vote CORE! Thunder
  4. Dk basketball suit bug

    Dk basketball suit bug.
  5. No shortcut

    It seems deathland road had no shortcut it will be block on the biggest stone.
  6. false accusations and many threats

    I dont know what to say. After he loses his 3x vips he start talk or what he want to say and he also complain me about his 3x vips why he not accept his losses im just doing a mm for bet and he said that im protect royal and complain me bcause i didnt gave the deal for him lol why i need to gave the vip its a bet it never back or get your vip back that called bet lol
  7. Riddle event

    Riddle event 5 rounds 50 dks per round Question: 1: what has many keys, but cant even open a single door? 2: davids father has three sons: Snap, crackle and ___ ? 3: can you name three consecutive days without using the words monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday? 4: what has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs? 5: the more you take, the more you leave behind, what am i? Answer: 1: Piano 2: David 3: Yesterday, today and tomorrow 4: Penny 5: Footstep Winner: 1: Shay 2: TrustWorthySeller 3: Shay 4: Shay 5: Gwendolyn Thanks for participates the event.
  8. Guess the song event

    GUESS THE SONG EVENT 5 rounds 50 dks per round won. Song: 1: It keeps on workin - aaron lewis 2: fun to me - devlin 3: Jackel - madchild 4: Thunder man - xavier wulf 5: Heights - matisyahu Winner: 1: VegasPro 2: VegasPro 3: Thorn 4: Sexykeeper 5: Thorn Thanks for participates the event!
  9. Guess the song event

    Guess the song event 5 rounds 50 dks per round won Song: 1: It keeps on workin - aaron lewis 2: Fun to me - devlin 3: Jackel - madchild 4: Thunder man - xavier wulf 5: Heights - Matisyahu WINNER: 1: VegasPro 2: VegasPro 3: Thorn 4: SexyKeeper 5: Thorn Thanks for participates.
  10. Birthday Video Challenge.

    I'm excited to those players whom won this video event. I can't wait to know it lol
  11. Ofc its hard atm

    You should make segnale first and get max level and reborn. Yeah! Is hard to get dils because you're a newbie brother. You're first step do is get dils from monster if you got great damage you'l be next step is bosses. Just suggest!
  12. HOLDER1rst spamming

    First Punishment. I caught him spamming and he talk bad, we have a rules.Thanks for your understand!