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  1. sell/trade

    ***wiz items*** *moon wings/royal #2 costume *magic golden orb +13 fg 4x14%fire 3cd 82imd base *2x noble helion helmet +13 fg (hp/medials) *normal legion armor +13 fg 1x10%flinch 3x10%amr *dn legion glove +13 4cd 3line imd *magic helion pants +13 fg 2x5%flinch *magic helion boots +13 fg 2x2%max shield ***cs items*** *inferno wings/bloodtemplar costume *magic golden db +13 fg 4x7%rhombus 3cd 86id base *normal helion helmet +13 fg 4x5k hp gems *normal helion helmet +13 fg 4x123 gems *normal helion armor +13 fg 1x10%flinch 3x123medials *dn legion glove +13 5cd 2line id *magic helion pants +13 fg 2x2%physical gems *dn hermes +13 fg 2x2%shield 2line def pm here or ingame pm -> MissNita
  2. Buying aloken items +13

    i got noble armor legion and dn pants legion for alo +13 fg .. pm me ingame asap, Allstash / Izara / lKagura ..