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  1. Class Championship 2019 Event

    but I won't spam here well see on the stage whos the Winner. full of surprise be careful muhahahahaha
  2. Class Championship 2019 Event

    np sir I think I had more challenged players
  3. Class Championship 2019 Event

    explain ''one sided gm!!'' u saying it like im paying for lightside to dq u. im sure if he spent 4 hours to check all ip's he probably right..
  4. Class Championship 2019 Event

    now they try to explain hahahahahaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. CaptainOpBlade

    hiding details like hes best vs around
  6. Class Championship 2019

  7. Class Championship 2019

    I bet aloken
  8. Gear Gone

    everything is ok if u were lost stuff I were either
  9. Class Championship 2019 Event

    At Champion Arena u cannot switch ur gear
  10. Class Championship 2019 Event

    gl for all members who will take a part of it

    Ive an idea that will be comfortable for anyone else I'm suggesting better idea for anyone, change Tower for dungeon like Crespo and others and like A9 server and make there shop that we be able to get armlets and belts from pp make it challenge like 10gp/pp maximum (on weekends gp/pp will double) from mobs. from bosses give low percent of rare rings or what ever for keep DF like before for those who like this method remove the gp/pp from there. don't let bosses give gp/pp because tower dg will be open 24/7 Because it will be hard to make a lot of gp/pp ppl will use also Dksq and newbies/anyone else can do Tower
  12. Base Event Schedule

    make championship like past year copy days and hours that comfortable to anyone
  13. Korrz is BACK!

    no one know you
  14. Help Us Find a Time for Future Events.

    Everytime u wrote something no one can understand u