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  1. Balance Balance Balance

    Anyway guys nothing new Core owner already proved himself 3years ago when champions even didn't got their t-shirt hahha no idea how/why players keep crying about it . people already tried before and nothing changed. im not telling anyone leave this game but staff face already known. DEAL WITH IT
  2. Balance Balance Balance

    I will bother you everytime I will see your face TwinBlade please stop talk bs I don't mind u were a gm, I wont even rent you to play my hairy balls do a favor to all forum members stop show your ugly face Ive no idea why you keep doing it when you saw no one even love you (or even talk with you friendly )xD you a trash person I'm sure you out of friends that's why you also acting like that dude stop it.
  3. More Events!

    you the worst thing we can wish to this server @ExThunder
  4. More Events!

    we don't want also you don't be brave on sleaze
  5. Wizzard skills

    This is the Results One week already we're waiting for someone to fix it, no one cares about failure gems, but after all its undercontrol isn't? @Core-Master Server are pay2win, but letting you control it keep that way you will go far with server... everytime I get in feels like im in jail
  6. Wizzard skills

    A lot of bug include this patch are useless even New gems are failure
  7. Championship multi account issue

    To all my haters eat that just prooved me that u guys are come to make a stories why u came right now was good and quite until you came stop trying get me down and qq cause if we following the rules my fight with shinji not supposed to happend so funny that you guys got no clue what’s rules the proof is here at page 2 it’s a democratic vote you already know how it is work have a nice day and stop lie it’s ugly I know it is ur friend but he were should read rules twice
  8. Championship multi account issue

    lol borrow gear? I made it for him with his own metirials
  9. Championship multi account issue

    you guys envy him :/
  10. Championship multi account issue

    look all the comments and I swear I didn't talked to anyone about it hahaha they vote by their self
  11. Championship multi account issue

    or like you? keep opening fake accounts I know I see it also at forum newbie members somehow came like 20+ members its ridicilous
  12. Championship multi account issue

    BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it wont help you keep opening fake account light can see when account maded…. also if u get 1,000,000 votes
  13. Championship multi account issue

    Time to change everything Everything is proven here. It makes me laugh that everyone knows the truth and one child plays in your minds While Facebook does not catch on, the man is real compared to those who are lying to you, pay attention in the following video After watching the video you can draw conclusions that it is, I also have proof that it is its real user. I have his personal videos in the gallery he sent me by his own face. Here you see his friend informing him: https://www2.zippyshare.com/v/yxVGZfFh/file.html https://www2.zippyshare.com/v/d1CeF8Fq/file.html His friend as always loses direction and forgets that every word matters But no no no he is not smart that he was expelled from the event By the way, it was said after LightSide decided it was ousted from the event. Of course I had a regular relationship with LightSide during all this time that he himself told me I caught him and he was right too he threw me the specific names that are Shinji MiKka JawBreaker Yondu There could be more but it would have stopped. Now as far as I know and most of our players these names only have one person playing. If will be needed i'll send recorded video of his profile and when we started to talk to show you all nothing been made here also will send ss from discord if will be accepted.
  14. Championship multi account issue

    Leave this unlifer he’s obsessed with us always searching our bad things but he can’t he want the face will be on us and not on ur boyfriend asen hahahahahah a
  15. Championship multi account issue

    Hahah hahahaha make default account and vote better be quite I never saw so many untruth story xD I’m just wonder who telling u that, before I start to talk I do research