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  1. Class Championship 2019

    fit urself after u close register
  2. Class Championship 2019

    last year also was 3 per day
  3. Class Championship 2019

    aloken , azure knight and bagi warrior, concerra, summoner, segnale can takes u 5min only pvp and I guess is best of 3 wizard, hunter, segu, dragon knight, half bagi, mage takes 2minute average per pvp
  4. Class Championship 2019

    3 per day will be faster for you im sure after u make the schedule the members will fit their self alone
  5. Accuse vs scammer

    I can't see proof its only me or im blind? I don't know him but without proof I can say you're scammer either
  6. Base Event Schedule

    sir u n00best player ing hahahahaha
  7. Grade Points and Df exp not needed

    I can't see something wrong with rushing DF without looting
  8. I can't understand why ppls have something to say the proof into our eyes we just need appreciate that work, we don't need ppls like that
  9. Grade Points and Df exp not needed

    TBH I'm sure that will be shop that we would spend there our PPoint it's all about time just be patient
  10. A6 bugs/suggestion - VS (tb and staff)

    im not trolling im realistic Ive already told you both what is my opinion all is up to him @DEV-Samurai so I won't keep talking here and make ur post closed
  11. A6 bugs/suggestion - VS (tb and staff)

    If I could tag anyone else in forum to read this shit you both are talking about it would be great and the meaning of core style mean server is balanced but with "Style" and @Tyrath I don't know why necessary to tell you who I am. Both of u don't have creative head, both of u think is Global Dekaron.
  12. Grade Points and Df exp not needed

    so let me tell you that I made already ran of df and I made 55k gp with 3 pt
  13. A6 bugs/suggestion - VS (tb and staff)

    you forgot that we playing core style
  14. A6 bugs/suggestion - VS (tb and staff)

    If u really said that maybe check ur skills with tb, what's better then tanky and strong both time? with that wonderful cc I know there is few skills that gotta be fixed but wonder if they would have been fixed? as I said "you can't eat the whole cake and leave it whole".
  15. A6 bugs/suggestion - VS (tb and staff)

    And suppose that happens you can't eat the whole cake and leave it whole if Vicious Summoner / Concerra summoner will able go hybrid he will be broken, Samurai will have to decrease Both class Defense and Resistance they getting big amount of them