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  1. Hola

    Sir ExThunder, Since u already started posting this issue better finish it.so there no more problem in the future.better clear all cancer as Autopots said as soon as possible thank u
  2. Digger Strategy in DK-SQ

    DK Square must have penalty or punishment for those who afk during battle , its not balance after someone go afk.....^^

    Sir I suggest you put price too easy for buy which ring will buy thank you..:)
  4. Alo Skill Bugs

    Aloken Damage bug?Drain shield so fast pls check too thnks.
  5. Bug Skills ?

    Aloken and Bagie too much op damage drain shield so fast.Please Check GM Dev Sam thanks.
  6. Bug?

    GM, Good day! Please Check also Segnale skills and damage,maybe its bug Segnale op damage even we use curse 4x11% resistance.Stunts/sleeps OP on segnale maybe uts not balance too.
  7. WTS +13's= pure dks

    Mage items sold?
  8. S=VIP 3K EACH

    vip sold?
  9. Buy and Sale

  10. Buy and Sale

  11. Buy and Sale

  12. Buy and Sale

    SALE +13 NORMAL HERMES DK=DKs/ HB SAME +13 LEGATUS HELM DK 4*5K HP GEMS=DKs/HB LEGA SAME +13 Abba ak 2handed axe 4*7%Rhumbos=DKs BUY Hunter Hellion/Moon wing=PURE DKs +13 Helion Armor magic clean Wizard=Dks +13 Helion Armor magic clean Azurek=Dks Pm me thankd
  13. Help GM'S

    {Guard}Sleaze THANKS DONE
  14. Just want to know if those gems on helm and armor working?because when we pvp magic class the damage is very high especially on mage and wiz.please check thank you..
  15. BUY

    Want to buy Hunter Hellion/Moon wing=Dks