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  1. Bug?

    Segnales sometimes getting a higher damage , The staff already know about it and probally working on it.
  2. Dk-Square Points Report

    So , Me , BestSeg & Others Friends Tested The Dk-Square That Been Released Few Hours Ago , And We Noticed The Points Are So Low , We Get 9 Grade Points Per Kill , That So Low , With That Amount Will Never Get Rank's xD , Make It Atleast 100 GP Per Kill So It Will Be Fine . Ty Anyway
  3. Suggestions for Skills and Items

    Got the positive point and the negative point of changing Canabis stats xD , anyway good suggestion , But in my personal opnion Stay it like it are is fine. i didn't even seen many people using Canabis anymore
  4. +13 Juto Golden Spear Magic 4x Rhombus Gems +13 Juto Golden Guard Magic 2x 96 Medial Gems +13 Legatus Helmet 4x HP Gems +13 Helion Armor Magic 3x AMR 1x Flinch Gems +13 Helion Pants 2x Pshy Gems +12 Gloves Divine 4% CD 1% Damage +13 Hermes Speedboots FG Im Missing Just The Gloves , Exchanging For Mage Or Sell For Pure DKS ! Pm Me In-Game " Sianetto Our XxR1xX "
  5. Discord Server

    Nice , Hope soon we will see the DC Active with 200~300 People online at same time on it chating etc , And the game full also again ^^
  6. Suggestions for Skills and Items

    Check also the Aloken 170-180 & New Shangari-la Skills , Aloken full attack doing 9-10k only , Doing more damage on olds skill than new ones . Also " Mana Shock " not working , Need to be checking the problem of it .
  7. Discord Server

    Many players already there xD , But nice to new users know also so they go there and get intro chating with us
  8. Selling Rings

    Op Ma3x <3 !! Sian ^^
  9. A6 PVP System

    Just increase the shields a little and the pvp's should be back normal .