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  1. For my absence

    Another story again and I'm sure after a week you gone again. Dont tell us about that just do it if u work it, Im tired reading your message, nothing happen in server. And where is your event that u made a long message here forum. You forget it or it was a joke? Well, welcome back!
  2. Championship multi account issue

    Sad ever haved, Light doesn't notice what happening in grand king. Some of champion win hasnt come in grandking fight. WHAT A OBVIOUS DAY! Whose players pilot for their character was to ignorant for tag tbh, I believe that Shinji is not innocent HAHA. Late action for these situation hard to accept but its better ignored this situation. For me, Gave shinji a punishment like a prison or removed his tag. As light said its not allowed to pilot during championship. What happening here Light!
  3. List of Countries!!!

    Answer what u written light, so. When were use vpn. We allowed to apply our alts too? Because its legal. Please, explain it correctly.
  4. List of Countries!!!

    These topic due to flame. You better check Shinji IP correctly and I tell u light there is a app that can changed IP ADDRESS so it will be easy to changed. I just want to clarify that most of them talks with Shinji. The best thing u can do is investigated shinji. So this topic will done and leave peaceful
  5. ACCUSE vs SCAMMER Jail for accuse but scammer stay in server where is the justice. How long it will be takes? Scratchboi as known as IamVoker he is retard scammer long time and now he is back to scam players again? As I see the rules if you did scam you automatic permanent ban and when you still do it again to scam you will be PERMANENT BANNED and IP ADDRESS BANNED. Where is the IP ADDRESS BANNED? Some of perfect players will get ban for accuse for nothing. If you ban players for accuse its really fun server I've ever seen. But those scammer no investigate what they stole from players, yeah! No proof but samurai or masters can check logs or their all chars. Yeah! When players do scam thy will be deleted their char after and making new, but staffs can't find their name but samurai and master can do check logs. It simply, I just making this message to aware players and newbies as concern this server. Please! Take action, some of us haved report against Scratchboi! But you can't do about it we had no choice. Btw, Accusing is part of the game maybe. Players can talk whatever to say to them!
  6. Transfer Coins

    I played core since 9 to 10 years rather server was start, for a years coming that glove amp. yeah! samurai do his job properly but whats going on? every 1%damage is 2%cd so its 4%damage it will be 8%CDS only old players can understand this. So, 13%CDS + 4%Damage = 21%CDS! We all know that scratchboi has been banned always too many reports against him. Why? he always come on server to do a bad attitude to scam players, no to actions? Yeah! I dont accuse a players but i tell truth. As i know if do a bad in-game it will be JAIL and PERMANENT BAN IP ADDRESS also not follow the rules instead. and why he still here? that guy has a job in-game? HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i just laugh after all. Honestly, I made this message to revail what scrathboi did before. so players alert! Well, i know Scratchboi reply or report me for accusing, No!!! Dont do it. I was here to alert players on him. Please! Understand me. See ya, Thank you, arigato!
  7. Some information

    Argates can be exchange to argates but u can exchange ure argates to dks/feathers when u try to shout. And dks can be exchange to feathers and feathers can be exchange to dks, but there is other way when u try to shout ure dks or feathers on what u want to pay for them u can get what u looking. As i said dks and feathers is both usefull u can get what items or what u want on it. Enjoy the game brother and welcome!
  8. Balancing Team

    A6 was a creepy server tbh. Now those skills chars was in over powered what they think they did. Is this a truly a6 update? Its simply just same it in a3 server and just add more fraps or what in a6. Yeah we're waiting this update for long but we wont even accept this over powered chars, idk whats on your mind? Please, we need is fairly update I tell u staffs if u guys care in your server do it perfect. Only 15 to 20 players played everyday, 1 more mistake im sure this server going down. Honestly, I haved care this server! But keep on good work dev and staffs!