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  1. I am just curious!!!

    btw, you were let few time to win the match so you dont cry too much hahahaah
  2. I am just curious!!!

    That is not me hahahahahah
  3. I am just curious!!!

    Sure, sure. You also know that developer cannot check anything now as the logs preserved are not permanent ^^ But people should know that you are using items that weren't obtained the legal way too, I'm done.
  4. I am just curious!!!

    Janan, you know very well that you received a lot of edited items from your friends some time ago.
  5. I am just curious!!!

    it's not about gloves, he paid them. it's not about any other items because they were paid. problem is that u r constantly bullshitting for bullshit because staff does not care about someone afking once or twice in dksq.
  6. Digger Strategy in DK-SQ

    This post is officially flagged as retarded lol.
  7. I am just curious!!!

    Only the gloves are created using the 'illegal' technique, that guy isn't wearing anything else that is illegal ^^ Of course he did not know, he'd say anything because he knew those gloves were strong enough for people to blame but he didn't know its origin - why are you bothering someone who is a victim of using single illegal item.
  8. I am just curious!!!

    No, these items weren't created using DEV console. One way or another, make sure to remember what hydra means and that nobody can edit an item unless he has a DEV access.
  9. Believe it or not it excess

    That's the problem, when a name you don't know appears and slays you all - you cry. Sorry, but I will keep slaying you.
  10. Racism Sarox

    you are so soft, don't be a wussy.
  11. Believe it or not it excess

    I hope you are so self-satisfied now. Nothing will happen because the item wasn't obtained illegally, you have no absolute idea what you are stating. @Janan Please stop trying to be wise, your sentence 'dont be naive' is dumb af. You are stating that the item is obtained in a weird why, you are indirectly accusing staff team as well as one or more players - WITHOUT ANY PROOF. What do we do about that now? You see, nobody will escalate the report against you and your crew because you are clueless. Stop flaming, stop thinking that you are too wise. Explain us the way you would edit items and show actual proof of how is this possible. I bet you will have to directly accuse Samurai.
  12. Believe it or not it excess

    The thing is that nobody cares about you, if player makes it then it's possible and no staff will ever tell you otherwise. To think otherwise though, you would be directly accusing the staff team. Are you accusing staff team? Because if it does not exist in-game, who and how that someone made it?