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  1. Selling moon wings for mage +12 new gloves dn w/ 5% cd +13 legion pants +13 DN legion boots +13 legion armor with 10% res and 10 % flinch +13 MH helm fs w/ hp gems +13 gold wand with 7% gems 25k dks only for the whole set + gold weapon + moon wings
  2. CaptainOpBlade

    serpent is better or neptune? just wanna ask from PROs
  3. Selling seg/Buying mage Items

    Armor is sold
  4. WTS +13 abba whip fg = dks or +13 helion mage part WTB +13 helion mage pants/armor/boots WTB +12 mage gloves new 6CD+ = dks
  5. WTB Segu

    WTB Helion or Inferno or Devil Wing or 3k dshop = pm me
  6. Ofc it is..after being jailed..player didnt even respond..is that your character? Just wondering
  7. First day being reinstated and you already caught the hacker. Salute to your hard work.
  8. Vote Coins

    there will be a limit of launcher that can be opened to 2, 3 or 4
  9. Vote Coins

    Just want to suggest to increase the coins we get from voting since i personally think that its quite low. One more thing, i read in your old updates that being online before will give us coins, can we bring this back also, ofc with a limit of coins everyday? this will entice people to log in their account and entice new players to play since they will see a crowded ardeca. Thank you
  10. WTS/B Items

    WTT/S +13 Helion Helm for hunter Normal Clean = sold WTS Noble Serpent ring Inc dmg stats=dks WTB Segu helion/moon wing = dks WTB +13 Abba Scyth with 4x 7% rhombus = pm me price