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  1. Argate System - Too Hard / Impossibile

    Holla. I just laugh when i seeing this thread about fails gears, when u play a game their is a lose and success. Well success is success and fail is fail that the game is. Why everyone keep argument with this kind of message. First of all, why u still using 20% 22% 25% 30% talisman? That is really obvious. Don't be stupid 18% talisman is a real talisman, u don't even understand? When high percent talisman isn't release yet. And so, what talisman are we use we still made +13 without high percent talisman and we using 18% talisman. Put this in ure mind bro!
  2. jutowhipp buying item using US dollars

    No i dont see a reason and i was thinking why he revail hiself that he is. Other way if he do that why he not use his char name iamcute to buy from real money if he is iamcute Maybe its only a guy who hated in iamcute.
  3. Exactly, DK square is not allowed to AWAY FROM KEYBOARD rather is a banned offense but when staff caught you multi client they banned you as fast. We all know that nowadays not much populated people i just count players active everyday except those fishers AWAY FROM KEYBOARD 24/7 that is the reason why they do multi clients on DK square it seems its against the rules. @happycat if u had a suggest there is a suggestion section.
  4. The MaMaWxD

  5. Mr Gm Help please

    I just tried my 160 +3 wings segnale to helion wings and its work fine.
  6. Launcher stop at 64.3 %

    download it again and off antivirus. Btw, windows 10?

    Its simple stop betting so u wont lose anything
  8. Some question

    Quest are temporary disabled due to server crashed. So, dksquare is work fine no had problem on it. Let me ask u do u had experience in a6 server instead? A9 isnt same guides in levels not same on a6. If u would like to play a6 i can send u a simple guides for easy levels If u had a discord we haved a easier communication. What u waiting for? Send me a message in discord! hope i get ure point.
  9. PvP BET 4k Dks

    I remembered few memories that he pvp bet and i was a middleman with their bet after he lose his vips he blaming me his losing his vips he want to get back his vips and etc. so, after seeing this posted i remembered something. you still lose a bet from players. Its hard to win bro? Stop asking for bet so u dont lost any items.
  10. I dont see a reason light. As players said that its normal to trashtalk everyone this is a game but if that harrasment all players should be banned also for their bad attitude.
  11. CreamyCreation selling for real money

    It will allowed if lightside are the one caught him selling for real money.

    Did u verify ur account into email instead that what u used in register email.
  13. im need to help to trande the wings

    Lol. Look that option awesome.
  14. i know i took a feather for abbadon

    It will require inferno wings before the abbadon wing.
  15. Cant reset my password

    No more way bro.