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  1. was an up date

    they made patch today and server under maintenance.
  2. Account hijacking a scamming

    Hackers still around, and im sure samurai nothing can do with it maybe he wait all players will be suffer, all of myfriends waiting to restore their item. Its been a weeks nothing happen, A most trashy thing is hacker still playing.
  3. We need your input

    Im glad you're back bro, Welcome Back!
  4. Thanks for everything

    Bro, seriously? tell me it is a joke. This is a sad message l've reading, but i let u guys go. Thank you for good to me. Thanks to the memories u guys with me. I hope limited exist again for another year. Thanks guys!

    doesn't mean by that. He shared me his problem, their not sharing account in unknown players. All of them are real life friends so one of them playing in their own home. So, why u say it was cause by keylogger? What if u say its keylog how its posible to caught their password and username? I was thinking into server database a pro hacker will do everything once he wanted it. 11 character attacked by hacker lol, and can u tell me how its posible to found their password and username if u think its a keylog? Have a good day!

  7. Cannot start the game

    Redownload game, it has a file miss. Close anti virus.
  8. Balance Balance Balance

    Bro cmon. only pvp event u want? There is a simple way. u can ask pvp in random players in ardeca. Why u need a pvp event? so, do u think there is a lot of players attend in event? so u talk u want the price in pvp event? It is not posible that much attend in event remember were not same location or place u should know that. Dont be like janan so dramatic. He just want his friend back in staff that the reason that why he here full of drama, so someone protect him.
  9. Balance Balance Balance

    As i knew telling ure alt GM is not allowed. Why this sleaze shits? Telling everyone his alt. xD IT IS ON RULES. Trying hard janan so u will be have a protection when u scam players. u cant scam now? Cause no one protect u? HAHAHAHAHA dont u remember Hastes hunter that u hijack. Bro no more. Stop making this thread. I knew there will be a next topic same problem!
  10. Balance Balance Balance

    I gues ure point is want to back ure friend shit? xD stop thinking that ure friend back. u never had a gm to protect u lol. dont make me laugh. they said already that theyre trying to contact old staff not fck new staff team. So, bye! before u make this topic u should understand u said, u want pvp event? Are u out of ure mind? If only pvp u looking. u can ask for pvp in ardeca on random player lol. Im sure there will be a next topic in same friend also. I cant wait!
  11. Immortal Pendant

    everyone say that pendant is bug and last updated dev fixed it. now u say immortal pendant again? What next?
  12. Bored.

    Still on going make free banner? can u make me one for me?
  13. So, I understand the reason. u know @Dewis he tell u that cause he caught u enter in dk square multiple. if TheDestroyer wasnt caught u he never tell u that. He just concerned on u so u will not jail cause once u caught in staff member u will be put in jail. multiple in dk square is strict rules u must thank him cause he gave u a warned. so, u will be aware that dk square not allow multiple or afk.
  14. More Events!

    why u making this topic Sleaze even ure friends full support here u never be back bro
  15. Argate System - Too Hard / Impossibile

    Holla. I just laugh when i seeing this thread about fails gears, when u play a game their is a lose and success. Well success is success and fail is fail that the game is. Why everyone keep argument with this kind of message. First of all, why u still using 20% 22% 25% 30% talisman? That is really obvious. Don't be stupid 18% talisman is a real talisman, u don't even understand? When high percent talisman isn't release yet. And so, what talisman are we use we still made +13 without high percent talisman and we using 18% talisman. Put this in ure mind bro!