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  1. Launcher Problems

    What is your current client version? Are you using our new launcher and did you try just placing the folder somewhere else?
  2. Voting but still dont have coins..

    You also checked the box to remain logged in?
  3. Forum bug

    it was never my intention to .
  4. Wings of Seth's Death[30D] ][ and ][][

    Bug has been reported to our Head DEV! Thank you for reporting!!
  5. Forum bug

    Thx for pointing that one out! I enabled the bb-codes on Market section. Is this problem also in other sections?
  6. Forum bug

    you mean the BB-codes?
  7. Wthat's wrong after update!? modified files error

    Try redownload the client from our website.
  8. FAKE GM

    FAKE GM NEVER !!! EVER EVEEER!! give your password to ANYONE !!! The legit staff won't ask you this info!!! The only thing we might ask is your user name but thats it! NEVER give pass to anyone! Case follow up: http://core-games.net/forum/index.php?/topic/8848-real-gm-read-this/ #Closed
  9. im stack in here

    redownload the client from our website. That will get you passed that update.
  10. The Enigma Protector.

    http://core-games.net/forum/index.php?/topic/8822-hello-gm-i-need-ur-helpdekaron-launcher-problem/ Will be followed up their. #Closed
  11. delete the folder redownload the latest client from our website and try it again. I will talk with our Head DEV about this.

    XD Whatever. People he admits to use keylogger. Use his program and you will also be key logged and he just steals your account. We have a new protection and this one is good I'm not saying you can't cheat anymore but it will take a awful lot of resources to do. So don't download any hack from any link! 90% of them are just keyloggers to steal your information. And we will not recover items lose if you where trying to hack but got yourself hacked instead.
  13. Dark Wizard and Half Bagi Event

    Pleas post a ss of your char.
  14. Dark Wizard and Half Bagi Event

    UPDATE: CHECK YOUR RANKING HERE !! http://www.core-games.net/ranking/
  15. no action12 yet? :(