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  1. I PLAYED DEKARON CORE SINCE 2010-2013,then NOW 2014 I WANT TO PLAY AGAIN...but the problem is I CANNOT LOGGED IN because my PASSWORDS HAD BEEND CHANGED?!but I NEVER CHANGE MY PASSWORDS... i need to recover my accounts..(im trying to gave a MESSAGE TO DEV-SAMURAI w/ my ACCOUNTS INFO. but still NO RESPONSE)...im hoping NOW I CAN GET YOUR ATTENTION sir...thanks alot...( i really need your response) ---so DOES ANY GM's here CAN HELP ME? (give me a PRIVATE MESSAGE or a REPLY BELOW so i can give my ACCOUNT's INFO's...thanks alot... ACCOUNT INFO's. SERVER: A3-The Answer Character Name: xMegan (MAX RB w/ 2pcs. +13 weapons)(+12 Gears) Class: Magician Guild: Tyrant ============================================================ SERVER: A3-The Answer Character Name: ShandelleZhaine (Max RB) Class: Segnale Guild: Tyrant
  2. WTT==>HUNTER(+12 Master Helm) to MAGE(+12 Master Helm) WTT==>CONCERRA GLOVES lvl 234 (+12 DN 4% cd) to MAGE GLOVES lvl 234 (+12 DN 4% cd also) READ ===> Only for TRADE <=== PM me ==> xMegan
  3. This DEAL is CLOSE,i already have what i want to buy...thanks
  4. Price: 4k DK PM me xMegan Channel 1 Loa 1
  5. SCAMMER IGN:--> maLAKas25 SCAMMED ITEMS: 200 pcs of GOLD ARGATES he put 900m on our trade,but when the trade is done,there is no 900m on my INVENTORY...
  6. :whistling: i'll go outside and shout "Ohh WHYYY?!?!....WHYYYYY?!?!?!" :whistling:
  7. SCREENSHOT EVENT (Facebook)

    Here is my entry. IGN: xMegan Class: Incar Magician
  8. For ALMOST 2yrs. OFFLINE

    @arem 5 rb's characters will not be deleted as i read,only 0 rb will be deleted,IF NOT AN ACTIVE ACCOUNT... :devil:
  9. For ALMOST 2yrs. OFFLINE

    thank you Lollirot
  10. For ALMOST 2yrs. OFFLINE

    :thumbsup: ...thank you guys... :thumbsup:
  11. haha shimmy28 dont know anything...he just want to post a POINTLESS topic... feel shame now shimmy28...
  12. hello?are you ok?my other report is different on this report... 1st..im farming not KS like your friend rjirji... 2nd..do not debate if you dont know nothing...ok mate? dont be such a baby,go pro earthling.
  13. @shimmy28 :blink: how come?
  14. @shimmy28 i answer that already... please read :woot: ...ok?