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    There are some bugs in a9 server, I'll post them here. If we found more, it will be posted here. BUGS 1. I played summonner for many years, including the old a9 server, before they reset it. I realized that the chakras have less life now (less resistant) even than the original server (Papaya). I remember that on the old a9 server, you had fixed this, but you came back again. 2. Dani chakra contains the same old bug too, when we use it, it is not possible to crit. 3. It is not possible to buy 7% gems at the agency even though there is the necessary number of dk coins. The following message appears: item failed. 4. Festival Wings and Fafnir wings DK are bugged, staying on shoulder. 5. The gate doesn’t open on the boss, in regular tower, at 3rd floor, to go to 4th floor (Rank S doesn’t have bug). 5.1. Normal Tower and Rank S aren't dropping items. I dont know how to post screnshot here. Could also be a suggestion, make it easier ^^ LINKS :

    Hey, guys. I would like to make some suggestions to improve the a9 server. let's start talking about it. If you don't agree with anything here, leave your opinion and why. First of all. I would like to thank the GMs, especially beside the HMG-LightSide for making an event every Saturday for us and also a big thank you to DEV-Samurai for always bringing news to the game and fixing the bugs. I can't also forget to thank GM-Kyle for the old times e big events. SUGGESTIONS 1. About the change in gems, which now have 10% all magic resistance; 10% block rate, will leave the attack gems useless, after all anyone can have more than 60% of all magic resistance without much effort, the same happens with block for ak and aloken, which can reach the maximum block (50% ) block more easily, opening a gigantic breach for players to take, for example, block rings and put in attack, thus increasing the imbalance between classes. My suggestion would be to increase the attack gems, which is now 15%, to a maximum of 20% and reduce the defensive gems (block and all resis) to 7%. And also decrease the block to 35% the maximum. 2. The Cherubim expedition could be established in Morse Yawalai. You need 12 people on the expedition, but on the map it is not possible to create an expedition, just party, making it one more unusable map. I believe that a good idea would be to place the expedition to get purchase points too, since now, with the new update, points will be more useful. It doesn't necessarily have to be killing the mobs, it might suddenly be necessary to quest inside. I say this for two reasons: no one can stand being in Abyss anymore, we have played there for a long time. It is not possible to farm almost anything good on the map and it would also be another way to get a purchase. Another suggestion is also to drop, perhaps, narukes or argates. Of course, with the strongest mobs, with more life. Hence a full party would be necessary, with more players returning to the game. 3. In The Qualines, another idea is to put exp in place of the low gp, distributing the transports at higher levels, suddenly the RANK S for level 230+, thus giving more enthusiasm for people to play the server more when they go getting stronger and not just going to events. There is no point in an extremely difficult server with almost no active players. Maybe putting more options, more places to play will make the server more interesting. It could, as in Expedition Cherubim, leave mobs with more hp, making it a little more difficult and encouraging people to play as a team and not just create 5-6 accounts and play alone because there is no one online. Basically create a more "decent" experience rate. 4. I know it has been talked about by many people here, but it never hurts to try again: increase the experience rate perhaps by 1.5x-2x more. Nobody wastes time going to Dead Front to get low experience. I could take the test and see if the number of people online would increase. 5. Speaking of Dead Front, you could add drop, even if low, giving players more encouragement to go. Maybe some DKs. So it could be that there would be more than one party in the DFs and some pvp at the end hehe. 6. Give more use to the dil, putting Narukes to be sold: 100 around 500m or something, thus offering another way to get them. 7. Purchase Points: Decrease the value of weps level 185, from 100k to 20k, so that newbies could buy these weps more easily. Honestly nobody buys that wep for 100k purchase points. That price makes no sense. 8. If the things I mentioned above are added, thus increasing the number of points in the game, one could put talisman of 18-25% to be sold per purchase too, with a high value. So that it is not so easily obtained, but that it is also not impossible to obtain them. 9. Some items can be exchanged for Genesis Token, at the agency, but there are no events to be able to get them. There could be other events on Sundays, at the same time as Saturday, boss or something different. 10. Placing pvp events would also be another alternative. The strongest players would like to have something to do. And if there is a pvp event, newbies could look and feel motivated to want to become stronger. 11. Changing the Blacksmith Protector for the item does not return to +0 but, in case of failure, remain in the current reinforcement. Who in their right mind would buy a protector with the option to return the item to +0? No one. 12. Put the definition of each npc, there are some npc’s that have only numbers. How will new people know what it is for? If we want new people to come and play, the ideal would be to make things easier for these people. 13. Another interesting thing to see in the game too, would be Ice Castle a PK zone, after all PK is one of the things that makes the game fun.