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  1. Helouu :), sry but i didn't undertand that patch note release ... no1 received that wep, i think. Should be very usefull to give little boost to new chars or players in term of weapon or something (binded ofc)

    Wow, a lot of good Suggests ! I agree in much of these points ... i always agree with revamp some DG and crete new attractive adventures. Maybe also a Dg that give some Purchase Points should be cool.

    Old Memories make all of us wondering if still living fauna in old maps ... and the answer is Yes ! First animal we gonna hunt before all other animal are the Arkis. They are not hard to find , because they are proud and believe themselves powerful..they dont know we are real fighter. This is where I found their footprints. They Drop randomly this 'U' unique letters

    As you sure saw in other guides, or around the Core Dekaron World, some items require purchase points for exchange. You can see your current PP amount on your inventory, near the dils amount: There are some ways to get Purchase Points , one i know is in the scary part of the world , Abyss of Crespo. You can go there using the portal on Ardeca: At first enter, you have to go deeper in the Abyss using the second teleport, and you can choose 4 level on Abyss. (nothing changes you can choiche which one you want) Now you are in the deep Abyss but don't worry, you can find releaf seeing there are some life there ... First npc you will meet is Darua , he will ask you to kill some monsters around. Get both quest he gives you : Quest 1 - Honor of the Tribe We need to kill some Monsters Around . (check the Map at the end of thi guide : Blue Hexagon) I suggest you to open the Quest Board and Click With Right Mouse Button on the Title of The quest, to open the Mini Quest Board Track: When quest is complete, go back to Darua and you wil lreceive 3000 PP. - Extra Quest - The Broken Warp Stone We need to do only once, and it is usefull for the next future , because it will garantee access to Warp Stone ...continue read to see. While we killing the monster for Quest 1 , they will drops some extra items : Warp Stone Fixing Materials When you collected all 50 Warp Stone Fixing Materials, go back to Darua and you will be able to use the Warp Stone (usefull for last Quest 3) Second Npc you will meet is Joshua: Quest 2 - Increasing His Soldiers We need to kill some Monsters Around . (check the Map at the end of thi guide: Purple Hexagon) When quest is complete, go back to Joshua and you will receive 3000 PP. Third Npc you will meet is Lucia Quest 3 - Hellish Queen Spider We need to kill some Monsters Around . (check the Map Image Green Hexagon) When quest is complete, go back to Joshua and you will receive 3000 PP. - Warp Stones: To go faster in the Quest 3 area, you can use Warp Stones ( check the Map at the end of thi guide : Yellow Stars ) While you complete the quests you received a strange bottle that contains a secure mystic dust, you will need to use the warp stone . Abyss MAP Quest 1 - Honor of the Tribe (Blue Hexagon) Quest 2 - Increasing His Soldiers (Purple Hexagon) Quest 3 - Hellish Queen Spider (Green Hezxagon) Warp Stones - (Yellow Stars)

    There are at least one event on Saturday Afternoon. Usually GM host an EXP event around 2 pm , UTC+1 time : https://24timezones.com/time-zone/utc+1 To partecipate you have to go in 'Guild Hideout Entrance' from Ardeca, talking with Aphrodite: and now you only have to make or find a RAID or EXPEDITION. Common hot key to open Expedition consolle is 'O' , it's similar as the Party, but you can add more people. I suggest you to use exp talysman during this events, and also are good opportunities to make new friends and Join a Guild . -Expedition consolle p.s: To exit from the map you have to quit from expedition .

    170 Level Skills Lowe is the npc which can give you that skills, he need some dils and purchase points: 180 Level Skills Darin is the npc which can give you that skills, he need some Dk Coins and Colosseum Battle Tickets : You can find Dk Coins from Monster in much areas around the Core Dekaron World, but ony one place is designed for get the Colosseum Ticket. -Colosseum Ticket The Core Dekaron is a Dangerous World and you have to be prepared to go out there , what better place if not the arena, to train and have fun . To accede in PTM or Party Match you need find at least 6 people and fo to fight in a 3 vs 3 match, or 10 to fight in a 5 vs 5 match. Lawrence npc is the organizer, talk with him and partecipate: After you sign in a battle you can see the mini status by click on the "P" near mini map The Reward are 3 Ticket when you WIN and 1 if you lose in a 3 vs 3 , 5 Ticket Ticket when you WIN and 1 if you lose in a 5 vs 5. 200 LVL SKILLS Use Core Teleporter to go in the mystic area of shangri-la is there where you can fight andry monsters and learn and drop new skills books. i suggest u to use warp stone and go to this area: you can even use the next warp stone and go to face up the Shangri-la Boss.

    First Wings in game start from 102 level and the right next are 130 Level. You can buy both wings in Ardeca at "Incarnation of Helion" npc with dils: (102 lvl : 1million dils - 130 level : 10 millions dils) - WINGS SYSTEM: To approach the Wings System you will need a lot of that item: You can drop it from Monsters in much areas aorund the Core Dekaron World. 160 LEVEL WINGS (+0/.../+3) : First Wings you can get inside that system are the 160 level Wings, check the Ardeca Agency Guide to start. After you have the first pair of +0 Wings, always from the same NPC you can Upgrade the wings , step by step , to the Max Level of +3 -First Pair of Wings +0 require 100 Feathers of Infernus's Wings -To upgrade it to +1 require 500 Feathers of Infernus's Wings -To upgrade it to +2 require 1000 Feathers of Infernus's Wings -To upgrade it to +3 require 2000 Feathers's of Infernus Wings - 200 LEVEL WINGS (+0/.../+3) -Another Pair of Wings you can acquire but from 200 lvl you can find it in Ardeca Agency Exchanging Naruke, Check always the agency Guide to start. - First level +0 of Favnir Wings require 300 Feathers of Infernus's Wings - First level +0 of Summer Festival Wings require 375 Feathers of Infernus's Wings - First level +0 of Butterfly Wings Require 475 Narukes After you have the first pair of +0 Wings, you can Upgrade the wings , step by step , to the Max Level of +3 always in Ardeca Agency: Ray: Mike: Fafnir: The costs of upgrades are the same as the 160 lvl wings: -To upgrade it to +1 require 500 Feathers of Infernus's Wings -To upgrade it to +2 require 1000 Feathers of Infernus's Wings -To upgrade it to +3 require 2000 Feathers's of Infernus Wings -WINGS UPGRADE (Over +3) After upgraded the wing to max level, it's time to start again and go for next upgrade system, walking the way to Wings Of Abbandon. In ardeca, you can find Hosea that will do the upgrade. There are 4 Steps to do, first of all we need the Wings Upgrade Stone First Stone require 3000 Feathers of Infernus's Wings, to upgrade Any kind of +3 Wings to Helion: After get the stone we can proceed with upgrade , only select the right menù, based on the wings you have and after your class: Example: The system continue like that, so...: Second Stone require 1000 Feathers of Infernus's Wings Third Stone require 2000 Feathers of Infernus's Wings, Fourth Stone require 3000 Feathers of Infernus's Wings,

    From the first day you are in the World of Core Dekaron probably you've heard about Narukes. These are very usefull items and most common trade values. You can aquire narukes in Ardeca Agency exchanging argates, each argates have a certain exchange values. For example you can have 100 Narukes excahnging 1000 coppers , or 100 narukes exchanging 300 gold... ecc.. Always there you will fine the Naruke Exchange board , where you can acquire cool items . You will fine there for example some other kind of Wings : (Only Butterfly Wings require Narukes, the other needs Feathers Of Infernus's Wings) or these kind of things: With Narukes you can even get the Epic Weapong Upgrade Crystals - Juto's Revived Weapons Upgrade Juto are the highest Weapons in Game at the moment, 185 lvl required. As the description that you can read in game, we can use the Crystal to upgrade the Juto's Revived Weapon +13 into another level, 3 level are avaible. First Ruby then Gold then the last, Sapphire: These are the final Sapphire added stats : - Abbadon's Weapons Argate Before Juto's Weapon we can find Dragon's Weapon as the description that you can read in game we can use the Abbandon's argate to upgrade that Weapons +13 to get Another Level called Abbadon's. By the way Abbandon's Weapon are avaible around the Dekaron World, dropped from Monsters or from Mike npc in Ardeca , Exchanging Purchase Points.

    If you have in your inventory items like : - Feather of Infernus'w Wings - Dekaron Coin - Unique Letter U - Magic Stone Piece - Obisidian Im pretty sure you want to know what can you do with that items :). Well..there is a place in Ardeca called Agency, where you can exchange that items to something very cool and usefull. You can enter in Agency by talking with Muras or Munda NPC (Non Play Character) which is at Ardeca Town 315:151 -Feather of Infernus's Wings With this item you can acquire the 160 lvl wings for each class , and approach to wings system. You will find 2 NPC as picture below: - Dekaron Coin Dekaron coins let you aquire much items you will need during your life in the Core Dekaron World. -Unique Letter U As the items before Unique Letter gives u some usefull items -Magic Stone Piece -Obisidian You can exchange thats to Stacy
  10. Spell PLume / Kracion Exchange bugs

    Thank You!
  11. Hi Everybody, as the title i wanna report something about spell plume and kracion recently released in the 25.7.0-25.7.4 Patches : 1- Exchanging 2 Head of Abbadon for a spell plume, don't give a spell plume with +50 stats but that one we already known: 2- Exchanging 3 Head of Abbadon for a spell kracion to upgrade the spell plume , don't give a spell kracion with +70 stats but that one with +50 3- Watch Out on Upgrading your noble /.../ divine noble Spell Plume to Spell Kracion , YOU WILL LOSE THAT Noble/.../Divine Noble Stats , even if you wearing it probably. 4- Something went wrong while i try the exchanges with 2 or 3 head of abbadon ... three of my DN Spell Plume resetted to this while i was wearing it ... Cna you please help me get back the Divine Noble Spell plume ? Thank You in advance, Greetings , Abudunn
  12. Argate System - Too Hard / Impossibile

    Hi @ExThunder , i appreciate your reply and ...ehehehe... i'm happy to see u find something make u laugh . i like laugh ... and even happyness. I'm sure that laugh don't make u assuming the other people are stupid . I agree when you say fail is fail and success is a succes , who can say the contrair, but here i'm talking about a part of it, that is % succes rate , where we should all have an opinion for sure... And still not clear when i don't read any new arguments to think differently. In some way i see you agree with me, when you talk about Dshop Talysman seems useless , to be honest i dont'like the random things on Dshop, that sound like gamble, better put different % talysman freely to buy at different prices. I even thank you for your position were assuming that you make items with 18% talysman, as i said it's a board discussion. I still think that department require a new point of view. Thank you very much, Have a great Day, Abudunn.
  13. Argate System - Too Hard / Impossibile

    Hi @happycat , Hi Everibody, i appreciate your reply on my post, confirming and clarify the random low succes rate instead of public succes rate . As i said , or maybe not, i play Dekaron from years ... i know how hard is it to fortify items, but i'm asking you to consider that we are playing on a ,surely awesome, private server where i sadly didn't seeing much people aorund. What i'm try to explain is only my opionion, i'm not using the work as an excuse, there is no sense in that ... excuse for what in particular? that's the reality I see much people can't donate or they don't want to , so i really appreciate how the game logics works to let people play free, maybe harder right ?! But even much people come here and quit because they don't find a way to have fun but only frustrated even when they donate, so something, in my opinion, should be have a different point of view. Increase success rate should be not only end as itself but requires consequences of new things, like increase a bit difficulties on farm or require new talisman from dshop etc... A little broad discussion right ?! At Same time, i repeat, i find here an awesome server where i see fianlly a way to have fun, hard leveling ranking , items , dungeons ... But something Have a Great Day, Abudunn. p.s: There is a post in the forum says that dshop wep have the same % succes rate as 'normal' but as you say its 0~0.01% even if not from dshop rgiht ?! it will break if it fail , only 5% succes chance at +13 Fortify Rates (Armors and Weapons) : [ +1 ] 99% [ +2 ] 99% [ +3 ] 99% [ +4 ] 95% [ +5 ] 90% [ +6 ] 85% [ +7 ] 80% [ +8 ] 75% [ +9 ] 65% [ +10 ] 40% [ +11 ] 20% [ +12 ] 10% [ +13 ] 5%
  14. Hi Everybody , i think this argument is the same for most server i have played... and i'ts the principal reason of people left and let die the servers . The generation changes and we all don't have too much time to play , u have to consider most of ppl in game , Dekaron in general , have work and want to have fun more easily. It's free to play but im sure you can attract people tha can donate some to keep it alive. I'm the kind of person that like to donate something and contribute to keep alive the server and maybe get something usefull to play better, so i bought wings - costume - many 20%...22%+++ talys, socket taly, weapon., gems... ecc ... I talked with much ppl in the server and i'm pretty sure you are experiencing the same issue ... first of all it's about the difficulties to make a +13 even +12 items . I've tried to use many strategies to do the upgrade but i still fail and fail ... relog, wait one day, upgrade the needed item after first fail ... I was lucky once making a +13 speedboots after 30 failed...( i mean one +13 and the rest failed at +10 and +11 ) and once making a dragon wep from 3x +12 bhought on dshop. I understand that's something sould be not 100% but it's too hard , i repeat.... seems impossible. I'm even pretty sure that if u dont want ppl get frustrate , like i'm going to be... , and left the server for that reason you owner should consider in real to increase much more the % success rate. I know already like six people moving out for that reason ... and the crazy thing they play now on worste and bugged server, i even know much people on ****** Server ready and desirous to find new server to have fun but they cant find or they don't want to waste time ... Hope u will think about and try make changes. Greetings, Abudunn
  15. Can't Login - Message Server is Full

    No....i wrote from my Home, not Phone.. ahahaha