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  1. How does aloken scale in terms of pvp/pve in game?

    all good bro, but alo cant farm due to low of monster damage since its dex build, so if you are looking for good farming, make SEGNALE its all players success from 0 - 100
  2. segu/seg items

    S>gold scythe 3cd 4x14%curse gems=10dks/3k naruke s>segu helion pants+13 magic=7k/2k naruke s>segu 9th bag wing hp gems 258days=2k dks s>seg new dn armor+12 30%amr,10%flinch=3k s>seg new dn boots+12=1k dk moon wings hp gems=1k segu summer suit cos=500dks IGN: ImYourDaddy