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  1. Hi, Im just new here about 4 days now to be exact, i have created consc and BW and they seems to be fine when it comes to pve not sure about pvp (they look cool based on other people doing pvp on ardeca) . Im interested in created aloken but im not sure on how this class scales in terms of pve and of course pvp on end game. there is no topic regarding this on this section , so kinda want the opinions of other players. How does her buff stacks? , is it the same on A3? , is she tanky? , can i farm with her? , i don't see alot of alo in the server is she not good overall?. All inputs will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. No credits received yet

    Great!! , Whata relief! .. Thanks for informing..
  3. No credits received yet

    Hi , I am having some issues on credit not being added on my account , are there any online chat help or tickets to file regarding this? , i have supporting documents of my donation. Im just new to this server so not sure about the rules, Any help from admin will be much appreciated thanks. PS: i just noticed on the control panel it is showing as A9 ,, credits might be on A9? , can you guys please move it on A6?. IGN: Raad