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  1. Cannot start the game

    Actually i found another fix instead of redownload. Might work on other antivirus too. I had mine off but windows defender was the one that deleted a file on windows 10. To fix: right click dekaron core shortcut on desktop ---> go to Scan With Windows Defender ---> go to Protection History ---> It shows history of what it has done so you just click on the latest ones (App blocked, Threat blocked, Threat quarantined) and select Allow and when the option comes select restore. Dont remember exactly which one lets you restore but its one of them.
  2. Cannot start the game

    What a drag.... but ok thx
  3. Cannot start the game

    I was able to play the game yesterday but today when i try to launch it I get an error in the client that says: Client Cannot Find The Game. I went to the folder and everything seems to be there so I do no know if I have to re-download the game. Preferably not since it takes a while.