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  1. You're right. Absolutely nothing but topics made by people in need of ego boost This is exactly why I stated it never fails to entertain me. Nevertheless, I am somewhat amused, keep it going
  2. ..God sake, this community never fails to entertain me with bullshit
  3. Resistance Gems

    Or just pm me ingame, I'll give you some.
  4. How is that the point? Please, do explain. I can assure you that CROreaper and BowKiller are 2 different ppls. Ohh boii, I dont think you know what you're gettin into But yeah, lets just wait for dev to confirm my statement. And, friendly tip - Dont go jumping to any conclusions.
  5. Remove CD !

    weath, its a bit funny how u never seemed to think segnale & segmale cd for remove skill is too short during the time when seg was your main char other than that, i think cd for remove is just fine the way it is.
  6. Dil hack for free

    Thank you for stating the obvious ! Someone really needed to do that. <3
  7. Dil hack for free

    ooh i got some badass fans out there awesome, this is gettin better and better. post saved chat plox.
  8. question about wings

    1) no, items do not break at 7 - 9. here items break at +10. 2) not very often but u can find em in abyss. the best map for 160weps would be elo. (225lvl map) 3) defo icecastle. portal at ardeca town (look on the map, purple icon) 4) at loa agency. you're welcome
  9. Vote System?

    dw it can still be our secret x)
  10. i was about to reply, but fine ! be mean. </3
  11. just like i said: check your facts first before u start with accusing.