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  1. NAME: JohnZie15 CLASS: Aloken RB: 5 LVL: 250
  2. From: Almost 72 hrs in Jail

    `` 72 hrs?? hmmmf it shud be release by now.. GM release his seggy already..
  3. Alphin +12 bugged

    `` okay i will MOD thanks btw
  4. Alphin +12 bugged

    `` my +12 alpfin is bugged
  5. Alphin +12 bugged

    `` heehe the reason i posted this the second time gm coz..i have seen the post of MOD Grazz that every ingame problems[bugs] must be posted here ..this is my first time in this section hahaha..i ddnt noticed it :) ..sorry im being annoying peace :)
  6. ss of my bugged weap :(

    `` thanks GM!
  7. ss of my bugged weap :(

    here it is gm :)
  8. suggestion

    `` +1
  9. GM can u help me :(

    `` okay GM :)
  10. GM can u help me :(

    `` my aloken's weap is +12..i dont understand when Samurai[aloken] tried it and hits 8k on me..while his weap +11 hits 9k..we tried to test this on other ppl..he hits 14k ..while me,hits 10k...im confused about this GM..we have the same gems on weap...my dex on aloken is 1741 while samurai has 1600 dex...we both have the same set..im a fell disappointed to this +12 spear..
  11. GM can u help me :(

    ..same rings excpt daes..i used 1 daes and 3 oceanus..sam used 4 oceanus..this is the problem sir..cuz wen ask samurai to try my weap..it is lesser than his +11..we pked 1 person in DL..he deals 14k with +11 while me deals 10k with +12..
  12. GM can u help me :(

    ..as i have said..me and samurai are almost the same...
  13. Community Service

    `` thanks for boosting my mage dude..
  14. Can i claim my prize on PVP event?

    `` hehe im JohnZie15 GM , well GM Kael promz me a reward..i dont know if i have to ask for it ..my win is a default..
  15. Can i claim my prize on PVP event?

    `` haha my reward too )
  16. Siege fail?or CHEAT?

    `` Lose siege for sure huh?? :DD nice joke
  17. Patch 10.2.0 ~ 10.2.5

    ``Add some costumes for aloken thanks...
  18. This server seems legit.

    `` ahh GM )) hehe please tell Master Samurai to add some costumes for aloken thanks!!
  19. NAME: JohnZie15 CLASS: Aloken RB: 5 LEVEL: 250