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  1. Thank you Samurai!
  2. Hello everyone, I'm writing here on Forum, because some Staff members doesn't answer pm's. OwnerZ is facing a problem which nobody seems to be able to fix it. AlOnEbeAy is OwnerZ leader and he won the title of Azure Knight's Champion. So, we asked many times, to change OwnerZ leader to the Champion Char of Alonebeay, without succes.. OwnerZ is playing without any leader. We played Siege battle without any leader. I have no idea what some people want to achieve.. but I don't care anymore now. There are many things which are not clear to me... but I won't talk about it here. It's better for all (All the Dil Alonebeay lost?) I hope our lovely Staff team can fix this as soon as possible, and please pay attention on this situation in the future. This is no accusation, this is just a suggestion! I'm waiting for a responsible Staff member to explain what is happening here. I'm available on Forum (Private msg) and sometimes in game now. ~ Kanii ~ OwnerZ
  3. WTS Hunter Set

    There's the price for each item. For those who just need 1 piece... You just wrote here to be active on forum? Kanii
  4. WTS Hunter Set

    Still up
  5. WTS Hunter Set

    There's no Bow for sale... :/
  6. New Aura

    Good Job!
  7. WTS Hunter Set

    Still selling
  8. Hello guys, I'm selling my set, just pm me here or in game: Legion Armor +13 (SOLD) DN Hermes Boots + 12 (SOLD) 3x 10% AMR 1% Guard and + % Flinch 1x 10% Flinch + DEF Stat 28k DK 15k DK Master Helmet +13 DN Griffon Pants +12 (SOLD) DN Argres Gloves +12 2% physical Resis! 7% CD 12k DK 4k DK 3k DK Kanii <3 OwnerZ <3 DN Griffon Gloves +12 (SOLD) DN Griffon Armor +12 Argres Armor +12 Argres Helmet +12 9% CD!! 3x DEF Stats 3k DK 3k DK 9k DK 7k DK
  9. Open Letter to AlOnEbeAy

    Don't not confuse loyalty with love hehe but I love everyone in Ownerz Don't be jealous
  10. My dear AlOnEbeAy, First of all I want to congratulate you (and every single person who helped OwnerZ) for this win at Siege battle against Fallens. I was waiting for this moment, you as leader of OwnerZ, winning the Siege Battle, for so long. You deserve this bro. I remember, back in the past, when most of people left OwnerZ, I was solo in guild... There were so many bad rumours about me and you came and joined me.. you trusted me. You didn't care if we were both alone in OwnerZ, you never asked me for anything, and week after week, you were there with me. Together we won Siege, we had a lot of fun, we were a big guild and great game family! Then, on Christmas, we lost the siege, people left OwnerZ, but again.. you were there with me. Bro, remember, I will always be there for you, you are rare in a game, because almost nobody is so much loyal as you are! I can just thank you for all this time. Enjoy the crown bro <3 Today, you as leader, you won the Siege battle and it looks like this <3 You lead us to the Win! Thanks leader! ~ Kanii <3 ~ OwnerZ <3
  11. Good Bye Core <3

    My dear Ancy baby, It was a pleasure for me, to play with you and to be your friend! I will remember our Siege fights LionS & OwnerZ <3 I'm really sad to loose you in this game. Again, one of my best friends in game left Core.. after so many others. But things go on, life is important! We will keep in touch and you can tell how nice your new city is Well, I don't need to say more.. maybe one day Ancy will return? who knows... Btw.. you left the server without a win against me :/ 3-0 <3 Good luck in life man <3 - Kanii <3 - OwnerZ <3 - LionS <3
  12. To : Toxic

    Nice, but Toxic is naab haha I wish I can pvp Airmid someday Good job btw
  13. TO Haters

    I agree, they do not use hacks... Why am I saying this? not to brag but I won 10 times in a row against puteri (you can ask him) So.. if he really is an Hacker, why he wouldn't turn on the hacks against me..? or maybe I am an Hacker too? I respect OTAI guild for their hard work and for the long time they already exist. Well, just to leave a little msg to people in this game... Don't accuse people who you cannot beat. Just keep training and farming and maybe someday you can take your revenge... The game is much better when people accept the defeats and work hard to achieve what they wanted. I see many people complaining about pvps.. loosers say they are cheating, winners say they are noobs. Even at siege, when one attacking guild doesn't win, the Defenders start saying that the attackers are weak and start all the trash-talk. I could write even more.. but I am tired and I'm gonna sleep. Btw I know this was a waste of my time because this will never change... New School attitude... Let's grow up and make this game more fun and competitive to play! ~ Kanii <3 ~ OwnerZ <3
  14. I'M Finally Back

    yooo Welcome back bro <3 Good luck with your new project!
  15. And still selling